PSY relative performance fee detinue and overseas agency ‘decision of lost case’, why.


On singer PSY overseas performance agency applied for the lawsuit to ‘the insincere show was done’ the domestic court but it lost a lawsuit. Seoul Central Court consultation of civil affairs 30 part (the head judge Lee Sang-hyun) judged the lost case of plaintiff in the performance fee demand for return lawsuit which A corp. doing the domestic performance of Indonesia one group by proxy builds against PSY (40· one’s real name Park Jae-sang) on 8th. PSY was sued by the local agency and domestic agency by reason of the overseas performance ‘the agreed nonfulfilment’ at November last year. The litigation content was known as the exclusive news for the first time. (2,017 year 11 month 21 date = [Exclusive] PSY and ‘the overseas performance contract nonfulfilment’ compensation for damage face a lawsuit… agency YG ‘strong confrontation’) Indonesia Lavon group hosting the performance filed PSY about 270 million won of the compensation for damage demand for reparation lawsuit against through B corp., that is the domestic performance agent, with the relative to Seoul Central District Court. YG entertainment, that is the agency, denied the contract nonfulfilment fact at that time and the powerful legal action was suggested, saying that it was ‘the star flawing’. A corp insisted ‘the insincere show was done such as U.S. completed the contracted show in PSY Ga dictionary, etc’. PSY refuted ‘there is no in a contract violation at all. The performance company is trying to scratch PSY to be different from the fact’. One people concerned of the world of singers told “the thing in which the overseas agency of the unqualifiedness shifts one’s fault has to don’t have no. 2 again”, saying that it was “the judgment in which it imposes the sense of alarm upon the flawing without the Geungeo through the lawsuit” this. Especially it added as “the result that there is a lot of the case where it finds fault with the weakness and this judgment shows the damage to image that stubbornness is not allowed even though even though there is no in a contract problem”. Meantime, it is detained with the fault of the local agency after the actor Lee Jong-suk finishes the fan meeting in the Jakarta in Indonesia recently.
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