Sentence to ‘the company’s own money embezzlement’ singer cold-heartedness luck and suspicion part guiltiness… probation in 2.


The singer cold-heartedness luck which was implicated in the virtual money investment scam case and is handed over to the justice was sentenced to the penal servitude probation. The judge doing the Incheon District Court detective 7 single Im gloss, as to the imprisonment sentenced the cold-heartedness luck charged with the charge including business embezzlement, and etc. by the sentence hearing opening in the afternoon on 8th to the probation year 2 on August. As to the cold-heartedness luck, the crime was not proved and the charge embezzling the cost for production of musical 400 million won among the charge which is pointed out in the arraignment and siphons off the company’s expense 450 million won was sentenced to the innocence. Only, the guiltiness was recognized. The number in which the court is seen to ” defendant even when being “the defendant participates in the complicities and other crime and this price range amounts to 8 billion won. The amount of damage because of the embezzlement is the money which doesn’t write in 50 million won” that there was no particular company responsibility, about participation of crime the embezzlement crime is important with one detected in the Mainingmaekseu criminal investigation process Considering back, the brother on was decided to be no and it decided. Previously, the cold-heartedness luck was charged with the charge implicated in the fraud of the acquaintance who it cheated because of giving the virtual money with the proceeds if investing in the virtual money ‘the Ideo Ri sprout’ mining business and steals the thousands hundred million won. The prosecution demands the penal servitude on June, 2 to the court in this in the first trial. In the meantime, in 1989, ‘Who, Me?’The cold-heartedness luck making debut fitted Seokjun Oh and Philsoon Jang and breathing with the project group five viscera foil member. Continuously 3 album ‘in the distant later days’s made a hit in 1993 and 2 album ‘the night like the today’s announced after in 1991 were instantly entered stardom.
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