SHINee On Yoo, on December 10th, the enlistment to active service…”The quiet enlistment is wanted.


The singer On Yoo joins the army. SHINee in Idol group (on Yoo, Jong-hyun, Key, Minho, and Tae civilians) agency SM Entertainment Company Limited kept on December 10th enlistment to active service which the leader On Yoo comes as formal report data on 9th. Therefore, it became among SHINee member to give the enlistment news for the first time. The enlistment is silently accomplished. The agency told “as it hopes that On Yoo joins the army silently, my doctor is respected and the enlistment place and time is not opened and the separate event over is not presided”. Meantime, it debutted as SHINee member in 2008 and On Yoo met the debut in the 10th anniversary this year. SHINee regularity 6 album ‘The Story of Light’ was released in last May.
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