‘teaser release’ dynamic duo… new musical composition ‘facing north’ and any kind of tune? #Burning# the Ohyeok # vintage


The new musical composition of the singer dynamic duo got rid of the partial veil. The dynamic duo (choi Ja and dog’s nose) introduced the new digital single ‘facing north’ (the Feat. Ohyeok) teaser in voice to the agency amoeba culture formal SNS on 8th. The voice of the dog’s nose and Choi Ja was contained with the screen of the film tone which it is vintage in the image. ‘DynamicDuo’ facing north ‘choi Ja and dog’s nose appears in 2 opened with the phrases that it is the Vintage Film 2,018. 11. 12. 6pm” teaser videoes.’The facing north ‘ was the new song which the dynamic duo coming back announces with the integer in 2 years and the indie band Hyeok secrets vocalist Ohyeok participated by the featuring. ‘facing north’ concept teaser is introduced at last eighth and the agency reveals previously “the modern people who is being used to be alone together whether it was from when the lonelyness which the corner rushes as it was like that was shown in ‘ facing north ‘ which the sun doesn’t cut well it felt empty”. Meantime, ‘facing north’ (the Feat. Ohyeok) of the dynamic duo to be listened in every kind on-line sound source site on the coming 12th at 6 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737741.htm, 2018/11/09 15:28:29]