The bulletproof Boy Scouts and 1 the music broadcasting appearance on the stage cancellation…’Geemin T-shirt ‘ reason?


The Japanese music appearance on a program of the Idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts was withdrawn. The Chaaboepget with the music and stage which is a pity but the bulletproof Boy Scouts (RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation) agency big hit entertainment on 8th, Japan official fan club page “it was unable to appear in the TV Asahi Corporation ‘ music station ‘ in which the bulletproof Boy Scouts is expected on 9th” ” this decision is better for waiting and beating everyoneThe article was all published. The same day Asahi TV ‘the music station’, moreover, “the T-shirt design which the member wears caused the sensation previously and it decide not to be reported in some and the discussion with was proceeded such as asking this wearing intention in the position record company but, etc the broadcasting corporation decide not to host the synthetic decision result and this appearance on the stage” notified text on the official site. The T-shirt which Asahi TV production crew tells is assumed as the dress which the past Geemin wore. The dropping an atomic bomb scene which Geemin generates in Japan with the aspects of men hurrahhing to the T-shirt worn the plain clothes at that time on the occasion of the independence was carved. Meantime, regardless of this thing, the Japan tour proceeds as scheduled. The bulletproof Boy Scouts keeps ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ Japan dome tour beginning with November 13 and 14 days Japan Tokyo Dome stage.
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