The entertainment world star marrying the executive director steel ♥ big flow and younger man?


While the executive director river which is famous for ‘the beauty woman music video directors’ promises the Boy group Big flow member Ron and marriage, the female stars marrying the younger man are again well-known. The Big flow agency A Chiou company people concerned revealed that Ron and move steel was having the beginning of next year marriage ahead on 8th. 6 months about relation of lovers was maintained in 1 and presently, the marriage is arranged and the love 2 people are raised according to the agency. Sakang Lee supervision 1,980 formers and these ages with the Ron 1,991 formers almost 11 years old differences It promised to lean in spite of the age gap which it is over the year 10 and share life. The topic is coming again to the entertainment world ‘the sisters’ captivating the younger man in spite of the age difference which is abundant in the marriage news of Sakang Lee director and Ron. ◆ the Alkongdal bean singer U.S. (46) and group sound spirit members fill rib (29) couple is still the star couple centering the attention of the world from the love till the marriage registration and wedding ceremony on U.S. or ♥ class fill rib and 17 years old differences. As to Mina, 1,972 formers and class fill rib is 17-year-old couple of younger man and older woman with 1,989 formers. 2 people started the acquaintance last June 2015. It admitted to love eight same months of year passionately. It was the time which at the time Ryu Philip Yee joins the army and came to the Ji about 2 weeks and the alias that it is ‘rubber shoes’ followed Mina naturally. The military period of service Mina of class fill rib published the class fill rib training school closing ceremony presence photo, visit photo, umbilical cord souvenir photograph, and etc. in Instagram constantly and showed off the steady love. The marriage registration was brought and it appeared on the KBS2 variety program ‘the man 2 kept house’ from March and the pink everyday of 2 people including the propose, preparing wedding process, and etc. was opened and earlier this year 2 man after class fill rib was discharged from active service got the attention. After 2 man, in last July, all Maeeot the marriage vow in the blessing of the men ◆ the transcendence singer and actor Sowon Hahm the Sowon Hahm ♥ seismic center and frontier the transcendence 18 years old age gap made the relation as Chinese Sosyeol star evolution and couple who is 18 years old swallowings this year. The frontier is the love transcended the age. 1,994 formers with the evolution the field the businessman in the plantation 2 years old The actual place of China gathering met and it developed to the sweetheart and Sowon Hahm and evolution was married. It appeared in MBC everyone ‘video star’ in the past, the chapter and love story was opened and Sowon Hahm aroused many these envies and it said that age of Sowon Hahm who 18 year old is many compared with the love early I was listened and the contact was interrupted and the husband evolution evoked laughter. Moreover, it added to overcome the moment of the crisis including the opposition of the family, s and etc. wisely. ◆ the Han Hye-Jin ♥ Ki Seong Yong and 8 years old differences the charms actor Han Hye-Jin in 2013 all Maeeot the soccer player Ki Seong Yong and marriage vow 2 people finishing the relation with SBS variety program ‘the healing camp’ accomplished rapidly with the intensive surprise attack in spite of the age difference of 8 year old from the love until the marriage. The hot interest of the world against was hit at that time and the marriage of 2 people accomplished from these love stories until the wedding ceremony in many these blessings. After Han Hye-Jin and Ki Seong Yong couple gives of the begetting a daughter news in 2015, the till now happy family life is maintained.
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