The gloss and storm sobbing…” in ‘TV puts the love’I was the scum.


The broadcaster gloss leaks ‘the storm tear’ and it is the topic. The gloss appeared in KBS 1 TV ‘2,018 TV put the love’ broadcasted on 9th as the client. He who visits the respected teacher to the school in order to the Chat child meet shed the tear and the painful circumstances was opened. All Heullyeot the tear the gloss which it appears it finds the teacher before meets the teacher He sheding more the middle school times life record book the tear caused much “then, as it were, it was the scum” ” trouble. The dying thinking of mother appeared and it cried, it came out and confessed. Once again, all Ssodat the tear He meets the teacher In one fencing yard, the gloss meeting Park Jaeuk sir finding so much was really sorry for the sir. The greeting of the thank and apology of was given it was really appreciated. It was so nice and the lifetime didn’t forget him At that time, the large-scale strength was gotten and it showed appreciation again. Previously, the broadcasting opening part gloss explained the reason why it points out He as the teacher who would like to find, saying that it was “the man whom I find is Park Jaeuk teacher teaching the school years I the kendo”. The He “when wandering, the school was hooky played and the home was left and the police station to was gone and whenever it was like that, in order to lead me always, it tried much” reminisced about the wandering childhood. After that, there was no sense of shame so far and it was shy and the sir was unable to find. It seems to have had in 30. All Bahyeot the meter which surely it would like to meet the teacher, it appears in the broadcastingMeantime, the broadcaster gloss is the age of 47 with 1,972 formers this year. It married the wife Yeongcho Kim of the beautiful face in 2012.
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