The interview which is the most uncomfortable in Jeura E Miller X Suhyun and world


It had the popularity the corner, that is Kkeureot, in ‘gag Concert’ in the past. ‘sikeomeonseu’ the name is done Quite, for a long time, all Kkeureot the popularity the deep-black use powder is funny the funny gesture is done with the concept which sings a song it makes the black imitation it appears 2 comedians do deep-black seven in the faceThe concept of ‘sikeomeonseu’ and gag content It, as to the broadcasting didn’t become another question at that time. The degree which is well-known by the reason that the corner ended and it dealt the meterial which is after a long while racialdiscriminatianal Because, in 2005 at that time racial discrimination in which ‘sikeomeonseu’ is broadcasted and related issue is the fact not to accept popular sensitively. Under is the YouTube video in which it catches the domestic online community popularity with the center recently and. The interview contents of the Korean actor Suhyun appearing on the movie ‘the crime of the mysterious animals and Geurindel Wald’ having come on November 14th unsealing ahead and Hollywood actor Jeura E Miller was contained. ‘the crime of the mysterious animals and Geurindel Wald’ star Jeura E Miller and Suhyun appeared on the past 6 days (local time) Hollywood star and YouTube channel key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla proceeding professionally with the interview. 2 people divided the overall talk about the movie and publicized the work. While the interview was ripe, the key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla threw the unexpected question with one. Asked “the moment reading Harry Potter book for the first time is remembered” and He answered Jeura E Miller “the father read at the time when buying 7”. Suhyun told “the memory which asked the middle school times and father’s friend and got and read the book in U.S.A appears”. After that, the key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla tilted the head. One in which the answer of Suhyun was felt dubiously Soon after this, the Ieoneunya with ” (harry Potter) Engilsh towards the key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla Suhyun The question where there was the number to speak Engilsh to this at the time and which can be a bit impolite was kept. Suhyun embarrassed by the question which it was unable to expect In order to pass over the question to the micro, He tried but the key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla was the sense want the answer. After that, jeura E Miller watching this all ones in the side replaced the answer of Suhyun quickly. And then, He has ” now. You don’t know whether you know. However, we are speaking in Engilsh and do well quite. One which I which can+be unable to speak Engilsh and which it is unable to speak Korean really and I extol Suhyun to the skies Jeura E Miller didn’t stop from here. “did you have a meal?” with him the Korean “big win”To say and display figure talking separately with Suhyun. The height Earles T-shirt Ppeulla which listens to the conversation of 2 people and is confused ” talk seems to go to the unexpected korean conversation due to the mountain. The facial expression which it spoke vaguely and tried and is confused was hidden. Jeura E doesn’t make and Jeura E Miller speaks vaguely about the horse of the key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla. We are to talk by Korean. Would you know? Did you know? It responded and made a countermove. The reason why this image gathers the topic which is hot in the domestic online community was due to be sufficient that consideration of Jeura E Miller who appeared instead of the confused Korean actor Suhyun and points the racialdiscriminatianal speech out one show-host and sense incurred the good feeling of the domestic fans. It is ‘the actor Suhyun’ which becomes a hot issue from the unsealing with one that it appears in the work of the author Joaen K rolling of ‘harry Potter’ at the domestic. However, suhyun was still ‘the unfamiliar Asian woman’ to the reporter of the golden hair. Only after it is not like that, the so impolite question cannot be asked not to no matter. The image sharing this day interview was uploaded on its own SNS and it excepted and the name of the actors the name of Suhyun was listed and the blame of the netizen the key Earles T Ppeulla was and received against after once. The key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla deleted the placard catalog quickly when the criticism became fierce. The action which It becomes about this much, it is childish cannot be not. However, the problem was not ended from here. The height Earles T-shirt Ppeulla left the short writing in its own Twitter account on 8th. (harry Potter) said be alone read with the Engilsh which the child who becomes as much as ” I hired 9 is still not native language and He was surprised. It was not amazing, it explained. The height Earles T-shirt Ppeulla displayed the manner which doesn’t admit this in spite of have the prejudice about the Oriental man. It is the word in the middle in which the blame of the global netizens is pouring. All mother animal Eop Deut ‘it is not amazing’ is asking again the situation where the Oriental are unable to recognize on its own prejudice which is not Engilsh skillful from the young age at all and presently I punish with the end. The idea rising suddenly in this part Possibly doesn’t the aspects of the show-host height Earles look Ppeulla of the golden hair look like our looks? Numerous ‘sikeomeonseu’ isn’t still situated in us, whether it thinks to be many. Korean star going into the foreign country are not Suhyun only. Till the actor Lee Byung-hun and Dona Bae and bulletproof Boy Scouts Many Korean star were going with the overseas and the large-scale love is being gotten. Because of giving suggestions to us introduce the Korean wave to the whole world, the looks is big to the height Earles T-shirt Ppeulla interviewing the global stars at that time with the interview of Jeura E Miller. Meantime, as to Suhyun, Jeura E Miller undertook the role the Kkeure dense barebone role in ‘the crime of the mysterious animals and Geurindel Wald’ because of being the betting.
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