The model Wooyeong Kim acquaintance “… the appearance from behind which I mark is left” Grief


The news of death of the model and tarTo yeast Wooyeong Kim was known far later. These who are abundant in the regrettable sad news are expressing the yearning toward the dead. While taking the motorcycle in Seoul Mapo Bridge at last fifth afternoon and moving, Wooyeong Kim faced the traffic accident. After all, all Geodwot the breath CPR was attempted it was transferred to the nearby hospital after the accident The funeral parlor of Wooyeong Kim was prepared in one funeral hall of Gwangju Metropolitan City and the carrying a coffin out of the house was kept strictly at last eighth. Many these cherish one’s memories toward the dead passing away is connected by the accident of the suddenness to the early age called 26 years old ‘. When having the brother love at last seventh its own SNS which the composer Supreme is seen, then the friend Wooyeong Kim military passed away from the accident on November 5th. Because of being the like to meet the men usually and divide the hour together friend, if the people know Wooyeong will be together situated, it will inspect, they wrote and the spirit of the dead was praised. What there was the number to see ” this season him in one acquaintance who cherished Wooyeong Kim usually and loved, the last became. With leaving the appearance from behind which I mark in his instar I left. It has a pain in the feeling that is unable to see him again. The text was left and He who was short but strong was remembered and the heavenly bliss of… 3 the dead was prayed the grieving mind was conveyed. In the meantime, it had been playing an active part as the freelancer model having the unique sensitivity. He gave notice of the face while the bulletproof Boy Scouts RM appeared on the music video cooperated of U.S.A famous wrapper Walle (Wale) and tune ‘change’ (Change) at March last year.
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