The partition X Bakhui order X Yoon rare book X Kim human rights ‘levan is made’ and strongness action steel opening to the public


The steel notifying action catharsis in which the movie ‘levan is made’ (the supervision two wins circle) is strong in advance was opened. ‘levan is made’ is the survivor action movie which It becomes the devil and which the devil spreads in order to catch the alive devil Koon which the former special police rate which it stands the hell of the condemned criminals for the revenge, comes to ‘also the royal meal’ dominates the royal meal degrees up to. The actor Bruce room, Bakhui order, Chinsuh Yoon, Enkwon Kim, thin iron civilians, and Gimna lotus lantern appear. The aspects of actors belching the charisma out from the head till the tip of toes was included in the steel which the distributor little Big Pictures reveals on 7th. The kick C3b INA Bruce partition which Hollywood admits notifies charisma in advance with the ora belched out from the strong eyes and body strong. All strings the attention which also is peculiar with the Bakhui Sun it undertakes the alive devil Koon role which moreover it produces him it burns with the revengeful thought it is strong Here, the change in acting style of Chinsuh Yoon challenging the action for the first time attracts attention. The actors that believe such as pushing the thin iron undertaking Enkwon Kim undertaking ‘captain’ bow role of the condemned criminals and IFFA role of the best order, etc appear and the vitality is added to the pole. ‘levan is made’ completed with Indonesia local filming opens come December.
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