‘the Ppaenaen star’ SHINee Minho and birthday support open… participant method?


The idol daytime rank site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ which Deoppaekteu manages opened the birthday support of the group SHINee Minho. The Ppaenaen star ‘ started the birthday support of SHINee Minho on 9th. The participation of the fans is congesting already by the display panel support showing the mind congratulating him having come on December 9th birthday. If the star (the point concept which can be gathered in site) 100,000 is achieved, the birthday support of supervising Minho shows the congratulation image in the Ppaenaen star ‘ by the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku cold current street. Introduce the birthday congratulations image in Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration (some exclusion) waiting room display panel as well as the Tokyo in Japan display panel if 200,000 muches is achieved. And the exclusively for foreigners treble bus advertisement with is proceeded if 500,000 muches is achieved. And the birthday video is screened by Apgujong CGV screen and the interest of the fans is gathered in 700,000 achievements and there is. Meantime, it appears in the movie ‘Ilnang’, ‘2 men’, and TvN drama ‘the farewell which is the most beautiful in the world’ etc. and Minho is the pass of ‘actor-dol’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737764.htm, 2018/11/09 18:00:17]