The Ri and final winner to be pushed ‘the Syomideo money 777’ Nappeulla Vs rupee Vs keyed?


The final winner of the Mnet hiphop contest program ‘tteurippeulsebeun it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ is born. In ‘tteurippeulsebeun it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ broadcasted on 9th, the Ri to be pushed the Nappeulla which it holds in the saw 3 and rupee and keyed spreads the stage. 3 people conveyed the final game determination from the producer and interview prior to the broadcasting. The Nappeulla of the Ri Boy & the Seu wings was said “when there is the pressure that it will prepare really eagerly because of coming up to this (finals) and it has to do the finish well”. After that, it will be the He “when it thinks to be me and taels of gold” and I will win ” championship to the competition wrappers. The full of confidence message the good victory or defeat was conveyed, saying that it was the Ppyeolchyeobop poem. The rupee of the code Kkunseutteu & palo alto was said “it thinks that there am the multiplication in me because (competing team in the final) 3 is all clearly different in the color” “it will show whether ‘ I will install any kind of music, it insisted and came up to here”. In the meantime, it did “why I will give notice whether it will be the leader of MKIT RAIN”. ” (final game) which the keyed is pushed for had been being waited. It thought that it was my role if it was not the stage which it can present my color to think and show that completely, it told. After that, he added “the stage of the Ri to be pushed the likely winner keyed will be shown”. This season is becoming a hot issue with the highest in history featuring. In the final game, the curiosity is becoming larger if someone is featuring. Additionally, the first live stage of ‘the boy jump’ of the mommy hand which appears and It becomes the sensation is ready. The final game of ‘the Syomideo money 777’ is spread by the live broadcasting at p.m. 11 on 9th.
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