“the security, surprisingly”…’The Kingdom ‘ general purport Korean translation of Chinese character · Ryu Seongryong and Netflix and work impression


The Netflix original drama ‘kingdom’ star general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Ryu Seongryong revealed the worked impression with Netflix. ‘netflix See What’ S Next which the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Ryu Seongryong is held in the half an hour (local time) Singapore numbers or the bay Sands a.m. 9 on 9th: It attended the Asia ‘,’ Kingdom ‘ (the script Eunhui Kim · direction Kim Sunghun) press conference. In this day press conference, the Kim Sunghun director and Eunhui Kim writer was situated including 2 actors. All Moat “in the shooting curriculum, when there was no big difference” the mouth the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character and Ryu Seongryong compares the work with Netflix and Korean platformFirstly, “it worked with Netflix and it might be not caught in ‘ quality check ‘ and I put forth I strength in the acting more” the fun were asked. And “originally it was the director, Jakga, and work with the senior back in which the domestic work met and that could meet. When the employees in Netflix were watching at the filming spot or didn’t do and there was no to definitely be different or inconvenient,” ‘kingdom’ that time of photographing was recalled. It looked back to shoot in the cold winter and He transmitted “when it shared with Netflix and there was no except Korean severe cold and feel which would like to clear away the toe to be difficult” the cheerful impression. “when the day before movie show time was ended and Netflix logo came out, there was that feel which was unfamiliar and amazing gets” the individual one’s ppinion were and shown. Ryu Seongryong holding up the microphone following the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character told “in the shooting process, there was no difference and it was the feel in which still hard about Korean movie 3 chapter was elaborated and it puts” and the smile was given to the place. Only, ryu Seongryong pointed out ‘security’ as the work difference. Ryu Seongryong had the work with Korean platform and difference in ” work of the latter half. The security is thorough, “***” poster is not displayed. It saw in the event the teaser progressing the day before for the first time. The rough cut was watched in the day before movie show time for the first time and it explained. About a week ” poster shooting was and done, it said and was astonished. In addition, it is big. Aeunya it is like that lunch is eaten it eats the food gets us in the food plate it shoots In Netflix, there was Catering. The floral decoration was in the table. This one pointed my country out the difference humorously if it applied, it will be good. As to the Kingdom ‘, there is 15, 16 century sir Joseon with the background with the stop shame wrong about the human power, hunger of the people, and mystery thriller drama drawing the struggle history which confronts this and fights before the opening to the public in this coming 2019 on January 25th. 27 language subtitles, 12 kinds of language dubbings get to meet 190 country Netflix audiences. Netflix See What’s Next: Asia’ went on as the Asia the first multi title lineup event in which APAC media, the corporation and business partner takes part after Netflix Asia launching with 8 between two days in 2016 on 9th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737713.htm, 2018/11/09 11:40:52]