‘the taste of the love’ Kim kind Min ” opening to the public love Kyongheom 有 It is hateful to cause the yellow rice or hurt.


It told that because there was the open experience of love and TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ Chongmin Kim came out of the yellow rice and the relationship was more difficult. Kim bell Min left ‘close friend’ stridor Korean translation of Chinese character and fishing trip from ‘the taste of the love’ broadcasted on 8th. He unfolded the trouble for the yellow rice to the stridor Korean translation of Chinese character seriously. All Ttet the mouth Kim kind Min is difficult it is confused ‘the feeling wants the something’ ” (come out of the yellow rice) is privately contacted The stridor Korean translation of Chinese character “not, the Jot child?it likes as the woman”Asked. Kim kind Min likes. It gave an answer frankly if the brain structure could be said to be drawn, it was the biggest. In the meantime, it did “since the feeling is begining to develop although it blossoms, it is difficult it is afraid”. After that, the stridor Korean translation of Chinese character “ani so careful”Asked. As to Kim kind Min, isn’t ” I careful with the character? 0 falls in love previously. However the woman the man suffers damage. As in label, the open experience of love was told in the past. The stridor Korean translation of Chinese character was trying to put emphasis to Chongmin Kim, saying that it was “it is to Mina agree to the open love” but when if Kim saw only that he was good, he could install like that and was not good in any chances (U.S. Is left), Kim end Min is anxious. All Kkeureot the eyes which it carries the yellow rice, saying that it is hateful to cause the hurt, it worries It was the same that also there is the trouble. It traveler with ” brother (chongmin Kim) and the birthday table was set up and it felt sorry, He meeting the friend exposed the horse the mind which Da”myeo Haet is sad. It told “if (chongmin Kim) said be just appreciated and it liked, then the different end didn’t come completely due to the end that as to I, that was so happy but it feels sorry” that it gets through the yellow rice “I was so first but it wanted”. After that, it assumes of ” contract dating, it meets and does and can get better truly. Then isn’t it met one? It thought. But the brother could be the entertainer and the position can be different from me, “***” brother seemed to have the line in a certain degree. It did to seemed not to like me so. ‘the taste of the love’ is broadcasted every week thursday afternoon at 11 o’clock.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737704.htm, 2018/11/09 09:57:13]