Ani. While being familiar (formal)


The girl group pine I broadside denied the singer Kimyung bureau and passionate love. The agency TS entertainment of me string told on 10th, “the result 2 man that it corroborates the love affair was confirmed as the familiar between which the relation of lovers is not”. The big data news opened the picture which this day Kimyung bureau and pine I string sticks warmly and suggested the passionate love suspicion. The photo including the couple mobile phone case and couple T-shirt, appearance from behind, and etc. spread and to SNS and on-line community eating, saying that it was ‘among Yungcook and I string the passionate love’ this. Figure which man and woman seen like Kimyung soup and I string are together in the dessert cafe arrests attention and especially there is. This photo was known that it went together to the dessert cafe after the sister of me string and I string and Kimyung soup ate with one getting stamped on the past 8 menstruation. However, I broadside “it is the familiar relationship” drew the cable. Kimyung bureau announced the solo mini album ‘Friday n Night’ on last August 29th and engaged the activity. I string am having the first broadcastings of on the coming 14th reality sympathy romance TvN digital shot drama ‘the honey wagon video’ season 2 ahead.
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