Chaeyeon and new musical composition announcement.” only 3 year 6 monthsIㄱ Turning off R. ComebackOne ㄷr”


The singer Chaeyeon announced the new musical composition in 3 in just 6 months. The Nunmulsel car and text which He leaves is among these well-known in the past. The netizen put up the comment parodying his text and the delight was expressed to the comeback. On 9th, in the Portal site and on-line community, the comeback news was known of Chaeyeon after long interval. The many men were glad. ” I ㄱ Turning off R. ComebackOne ㄷr.”(rlaa****) “ㄴHㄱr rock ㅇr Wat ㄷr”(sam4****) “the Heullin ㄷㅏ ㄴㅏ ㄱ ㅏkkeum tear”(choi****) “ㄷ R in which ㄷr city made debut but which ㄷr city tear flows”(chri****) shows the reactoin which the back parodies the cell Carle in the past and evokes laughter. Besides, roll the comment related to the hit song ‘it is better. But’ (2004). The several netizen “with the ~ Nanananeonanana or the ~ Ssu”(kire****) it is “with a cool gust, I am truly the Nana orchid getting through the Nana or orchid better with this person with Legend” (eogh****) etc. The most netizen is sending the cheer to Chaeyeon who is proud of the same attractive looks of the age of 44. It is the glad face. Expect the comeback activity after long interval. (qkfk****) What one itself which is active to “it is wonderful and is the best, it roots” (okso****) “the being in good health is prayed to be the auspices sexy icon” (gean****) ” now is great It is the fighting, the reaction of ” (ljb2****) back is shown. Chaeyeon held the new album ‘the Bwat person (Bazzaya)’ commemoration of sale showcase on 9th. He coming back in 3 in just 6 months showed off the potential energy which doesn’t get rusty and is unlike other people by being sexy. Meantime, chaeyeon introduces the new single ‘the Bwat person’ to every kind sound source site on the coming 13th.
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