It is ‘the Syomideo money 777’ champion napple. The impression “surely see when the mom shines more” of the tear


Nappeulla occupied the final win of the Mnet hiphop contest program ‘tteurippeulsebeun it is the Syo U.S. dumber’. As to the winner of the second place, as to the keyed is behind the rupee and the third. The Nappeulla taking possession of the final win in ‘tteurippeulsebeun it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ broadcasted on 9th would like to turn the friend Alex to see in ” sky to the glory. And the Ri Boy and Seu wings producer suffered so much. The tune was really much made and the thankfulness was conveyed. After that, the edge of an eyelid was blushed with the love toward the mother, saying that it was “because the then will be again invited when the mom shines when being more wonderful, surely the then be seen”. In this day final episode, it was the top 3 napple. The rupee and keyed milli put the seat of the final winner and the intense wrap battle was spread. The gangway bit tune ‘Boss Thang’ stage putting its own aspiration which the keyed is pushed was decorated. He who took up the throne and appears emitted the charisma and the strong impression was left. The love was lost, the rupee of the team code Kkunseutteu & palo alto rose to the stage with the tune ‘Robot Love’ comparing the state where the feeling disappears to the robot. The emotional modeling was minimized with the controlled voice and the audiences were considered to fall. It was the Nappeulla of the team Ri Boy & the Seu wings bright and the tune ‘buckle’ of the exciting atmosphere was shown. He provoked the interest of the audiences with the remarkable sense of beat and stage manner. Geekko who is the last producer in season victory team was featuring and especially it provided support. In 2 rounds, the joint performance of the wrapper and producer spread. The tune ‘Goals’ including the content that it looked back on the last time which the keyed is pushed and thinks the dream to was shown. The public attention He was captivated with the wrapping in which the housekeeping including the autobiographical content and will which solidifies even when being serene are felt. The bass tone voice of the producer palo alto improved the percentage of completion in the stage. The rupee whined the tune ‘V’ putting the message about the end of the long travel and new beginning. The wishful housekeeping harmonizing with the exciting melody and bright look of the rupee seeing these were smiled. The Rokko appearing as the featuring showed the rupee and unlike other people ‘chemie’ Nappeulla spread the last stage to the tune ‘pickup man’ in which the excel rap ability stands out. He expressed the passion toward the music and tenacity with the eyes and power wrapping the self confidence overflowing. The stage which is hot in the producer Seu wings and strong supportive shooting of the Ri Boy was completed. The participant mommy hand of this season topic donated the special in addition to and the celebration stage ‘the boy JUPM’ stage was decorated. All Moat the interest the cookie the special stage keeping time is opened it is and muddier in the tune which the quiet produces more directly it is EK, ODEE, and I
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