Kimyung bureau · pine I string love affair The agency “among the confirmation”


The singer Kimyung bureau (22) and girl group pine member I string (23) was seized by the love affair. It was “among the love affair of Kimyung bureau and I string, now, the confirmation” on 10th and the entertainment dancing the agency in Kimyung bureau revealed “the standpoint will be arranged and delivered soon”. It added to be and on the cat rumor “soon, the position, tomorrow, the schedule”. The agency TS entertainment of me string don’t get in touch. On 10th, the Big data news opened the picture which Kimyung bureau and pine I string sticks warmly and suggested the passionate love suspicion. Besides, the photo including the couple mobile phone case and couple T-shirt, appearance from behind, and etc. spread to on-line community eating, saying that it was ‘among Yungcook and I string the passionate love’ this. The cat rumor which Kimyung bureau instigated is spreading along with the love affair. The some fans and netizen authenticates “the give back grave Reu city Eoni went” ” (whereabouts) and it is the text this year Ri direction Seo. The Chun entertainment is the standpoint related to the cat the schedule soon tomorrow. Kimyung bureau announced the solo mini album ‘Friday n Night’ on last August 29th and engaged the activity. I string am having the first broadcastings of on the coming 14th reality sympathy romance TvN digital shot drama ‘the honey wagon video’ season 2 ahead.
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