Kimyung bureau “among the protection in the organic… agency” (formal)


Kimyung bureau revealed in connection with the give back grave Reu glazing machine dispute “the Reu city is protected in the agency”. Formal report data were presented on 10th and the entertainment dancing the agency revealed “the cat Reu city in the current Kimyung bureau is protecting in the head office and Kimyung bureau deeply is regretting on the Jeom that it evoked much criticism by this work”. The agency installed “the headquarters of a party passed through the course where it confirms about the parts in which the fans are anxious. And extensively the grasping of historical fact and reconfirmation was taken to the Kimyung Guk person”. In the meantime, it added “hang head at Lee this to the fans and companion animal guardians getting hurt and ask to the apology”. After that, ” Kimyung bureau adopted 6 menstruation kagu. It combined fiber along with the toll Reu city in the lodging, it was unable to adapt if “***” Reu city lived with the kagu. The thing inflicting the hurt on the other give back graves happened. It is deep Kimyung bureau got to determine sent one the Reu city the adoptive and the situation was explained at that time. The agency revealed as “after the adoptive sent the Reu city, it was trying to communicate with the new guardian but didn’t get in touch and the person Kimyung bureau felt uneasy much. It recognized that on last September 25th Reu o’clock escaped from the guardian” “it hears the news and the Reu city is brought and the headquarters of a party is protecting”. Previously, in on-line community, the text that the cat Reu city in Kimyung bureau seems to be abandoned came up. The picture this writing the corresponding text was revealed saying that it came up to 9 month abandoned cat cafe which the cat presumed at the cat Reu city which Kimyung bureau raised is over. The aspects of cat having the appearance which is similar to the Reu city was contained in the photo. These fans paid attention to this to the paw of the cat. These insisted that it was presumed as one of which 2 cats are identical saying that the foot design was very the same. The some fans inquired of Kimyung bureau about whereabouts of “the give back grave Reu city photo is authenticated” the cat and the dispute rose. In the meantime, the pine I string and love affair became a subject of discussion with the cat rumor. However, I broadside denied the rumor of love as “it is the familiar interval”.
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