“korean hiphop can go broke”.’It is becoming as the boy JUMP’ mommy hand and OK plan.


The main beneficiary mommy hand of the Mnet hip-hop contest program ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ learned the response which is once and hot in the special stage. The mommy hand decorated the celebration stage ‘the boy JUMP’ in ‘the Syomideo money 777’ broadcasted on 9th along with the negative aerotropism and doughnut.man. All Kkeureot the interest with the stage manner which He who shows it wears ‘color match’ one sweatsuit with the pink mask is joyful The message called the stage the end ‘korean hiphop can go broke’ of was given and especially it evoked laughter. The stage of the mommy hand was the saw 3 napple. The encouragement like the degradation of the audience was taken as much as the Ri to be pushed the rupee and keyed was overwhelmed. The mommy hand appeared previously in ‘the Syomideo money 777’ and fell off. The unlike other people rap ability was shown through the peculiar flow and exact pronunciation but He who it wore the pink mask at that time and showed and It becomes the sensation got unfortunately inside the inferno. ‘the boy JUMP’ of the mommy hand is the tune put the message which it sends to the world after the inferno omission. It is the tune which the sensation becomes already in YouTube with the point with the interesting housekeeping to be extravagant. Especially, ‘it is becoming as OK and plan’ are many these ‘the Tte windows’s about Kkeul Eo tomorrow. Meantime, the congestion of the mommy hand is the Mad clown. Everyone realizes his congestion but He is called as the mommy hand. The Mad clown appeared as the examiner on ‘the Syomideo money 5’ and appeared in ‘the high grade wrapper’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737811.htm, 2018/11/10 12:33:15]