‘the alley restaurant’ hongeo hoe Jip did son do any 1 in the middle school in the past? The interrogation, fullness.


The past job of the Hongeun-dong cannonade room foundation market hongeo hoe Jip son appearing on SBS ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ is attracting attention. Baek Chongwon met the son who is Tackjip Hong president in ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ broadcasted at last seventh. Previously, Tackjip Hong president told “all Haet the restaurant proposal in the attitude in which it is out of work, the son is playing since working in 3 years and coming back from China”. In any chances, the Ieonya in where as to Baek Chongwon, I know ” China by the son well If it will be the story that broadcast is unable to go out, it will not go out. It told and did. After that, the son was ” export work. Chinese work will shouldn’t have no comment and soldered with the smile. He the partial televiewer and netizen seeing this looks expressed “the illegal work is not done” “it is one that why it will have no comment only after being not” the interrogation. Baek Chongwon doesn’t lie and tell. What Haenya Here, it will have to be the real, I will realize “***” about you properly, and it will not fix all and I had the done talk and the mute processing came to the answer of the son. Baek Chongwon listening to the answer had the question which “accordingly, it is not to is unable to concentrate on the work” “it is in any chances that face of person can be on the air” the worry is mixed. In the meantime, asked the He “it cheats and the escape for is not visited”. Tackjip Hong president revealed the appearance which listened the Yet job of the son and in which it is surprised. Another netizen is “the voice phishing is done” (cool****) ” export direction Il all Haet when the response of the son is handled with the silence. ” (newe****) “sincerely, the livelihood the mother thinks that son something illegal seemed to be worked” (mjmj***) “what was in the voice phishing organization isn’t?” it is obvious it is the smuggling(moon****) “the China private toto doubt man is not changed” (diam****) etc. Gat value guess is presented. In the meantime, the interest about He isn’t stopped since the meeting of the hongeo hoe Jip son is on the air. It attracts attention if the past job of the hongeo hoe Jip son is clarified in the broadcasting on the coming 14th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737839.htm, 2018/11/10 21:11:31]