The bulletproof Boy Scouts and thing appearance on the stage cancellation… netizen “it went well in being busy”


The Boy group bulletproof Boy Scouts (RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation) decided to appear in Japanese music broadcasting TV Asahi Corporation ‘the music station’. However, suddenly the video recording was withdrawn a day. It is due to T-shirt which the member Geemin wore. It is the place getting complicated till the history of Korea and Japan and it reacts sharply and the domestic netizens are putting up the critical comment towards the Japanese broadcasting station. As to last eighth, the TV Asahi Corporation ‘the music station’ production crew, ㅇ posted the public knowledge on the official site saying that the appearance on the stage of the bulletproof Boy Scouts was withdrawn. Only it has the appearance ahead a day and is the word. The discussion with was proceeded such as “there was the news of some medium that the T-shirt design which the bulletproof Boy Scouts member wore caused the stir in Japan” broadcasting corporation asked the wearing intention in the agency if the writing which the producer uploads was seen. However, etc it decided to not host the result this appearance on the stage that it judges comprehensively, it revealed. The costume which the member Geemin wore the T-shirt which the music station ‘ calls into question with the past Black and white picture of the aspects of men hurrahhing on the occasion of 8·15 independence and atomic bomb dropping scene are printed in T-shirt. ‘PATRIOTISM’ (patriotism) ‘LIBERATION’ (disengagement) and sentence of ‘KOREA’ (korea) etc. were contained. The bulletproof Boy Scouts agency big hit entertainment told in relation with this on 8th, Japan official fan club homepage “this decision will be a pity. However, it will visit with the music and stage which is better for waiting and beating everyone”. Arom*** is all in love with ” global AMI in relation with this work now. The children can rest. The luck it can rest The reactoin that it is the work rather going well was shown, saying that talk was all this. Seao*** goes out of the program and aren’t you particularly good? The place which ‘the music station’ Bulleojwo will go not overflown, the comment was left. ” bulletproof can boy Scouts handle in being the group of which the overseas heating power is really great and as next*** peels if Japan peels, wondering and searching more? It is the work which is likely to handle and which it propels, it handles. It was the anti-Korean sentiment to Korea so far there was no interest but as if it were superior, if it was famous due to this work, it was what, it was such as group which it will be good, the awarding a medal one is not precious with “***” in various ways it did and the opinion was left to be the mess. One that the barbarity which Japan commits due to this issue in the past wishes to be properly clarified in the international society The Jiho** * “one group which the government fails to acheive is accomplishing for 60 years” left the comment and cheered the bulletproof Boy Scouts.
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