The code Kkunseutteu have 400 bits truly.


It is fresh in being familiar. It is special in being used. The Kkeul Eo his who was polished and sensitive music spent many artists naturally. Also the young generations cannot help like his music. He had been strengthening the color of me in the monotonous music. It is the story of the producer code Kkunseutteu. The code Kkunseutteu met with the Seoul Gangnam-ku AOMG office recently. He seemed to get absent-minded with the Mnet hiphop contest program ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ which is shot recently quite. When starting talking “it will feel good even if it will be busy”, then the code Kkunseutteu smiled and head was nodded. When making ” team, the ability was the ability but the man that it bounces was not wanted. The friend which can do the music the team ceremony even a bit was wanted and because those men get together, the atmosphere is perfect. The code Kkunseutteu is appearing as the palo alto and examiner on ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’. He said in the broadcasting “it have 400 bits” and was the interest Moeu. If it is ” fact producers, it is to have much even if it is not to 400. I hold the bit with 400 and don’t write down all. It got together due to the feeling holding everyday or that place leaving the feeling much. The producer is mostly like that. The code Kkunseutteu worked with these who are worthy of representative in the hiphop. It is Donggeun Yang, palo alto, axe, shamelessness, Rokko, rain Y, Woowon ash back Ohyeok, this high, and etc. Like this, it is ‘it has a good sale’ producer visiting the artists a lot. The composition which ” I writes down is to have only me in Korea. So, it thinks that it cannot help finding. When not losing my color and expressing, if it lends ears, the men are recognized. If, regard as the time which has to change my color if the men say as ‘particularly’. On music ‘the self-replication is not’ of the cord Kkunseutteu has the opinion in some people. He told “the self-replication regards as the good feedback” “this feedback seems to make to recognize that point in which I will have to break the music color once came”. He make the music in the front line of the music which the trendy installs said react sensitively to the flow. The flow of ” hip-hop is rapidly changed than the other genre. Hip-hop is characterized that there is no genre in fact. It has been borrowing from the various genre including the jazz hip hop, Reggae hip-hop, EDM hip-hop, and etc. Then, the flow is changed every time because of seeing. One in which the men like the hip-hop is this reason. It is sensitive with the trendy. Because of being A He, the sound source put out shot at the public taste in ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ properly. There the wrappers and synergy where it is together is no double-tongued one. However, it is different from the music color which the code Kkunseutteu showed previously. It is more popular and is familiar. When joining because of being “‘ Syo beauty dumber, the genre which recently the trendy does in the hip-hop will be done, it thought. It is aimed one. The team members helped well. It is the music which I would like to install and because the friends digesting it well come, it is that good effect shows. It wondered what one which the code Kkunseutteu would like to deliver to the men by the music was. He told “when playing someone the music, the feel which seems to be in the same room would like to be inspired”. If it goes to ” what kind of room, there is the specific smell. It is caught and it is trying to put in the music. For example, when smelling the day and rain smell, the sense which the men feel Ireot. The idea is increased more than the common day and I think about the day which it rains that this space can be expressed if those feelings are given to the music. The cord Kkunseutteu gained momentum in ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ in the future and wanted to do the music work continuously. It would like to do once with ” Nappeulla when asking “if it works with 777′ performer middle because of being ‘ Syo U.S. dumber, it would like to do with the someone”. Ha-ha. But because of being and different from ‘the Syomideo money 777’, it will don’t know if how it will become, the music which I will make gave an answer in the future.
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