The death.’ to be ‘star’ divinityIt becomes the child actor ‘ freshman.


The entertainment world is not if it is quiet. This trabecula was really full of bustle. ‘star’ Shin Sungil passed away from the lung cancer. The detained thing happened Lee Jong-suk in Indonesia. On the other hand, the university success in an examination was side by side announced. It was the news in which these futures is more expected. The Ron of the move river big flow had the marriage announcement and surprisingly and it did to be many these surprised. The Gimsae Ron · Hyangki Kim · Chung Dabean loved for the Gimsae Ron Hyangki Kim Chung Dabean “it is 19 student numbers” child actor gave side by side of the university success in an examination. Since for these who is 2,000 formers, the adult already, the true time is fast. As to the Gimsae Ron, do you enter as 19 student numbers of Joonang university department of Theater and Film, Hyangki Kim Chung Dabean enters as 19 student numbers of Han Yang University department of Theater and Film? It becomes curious more if for these engaging the performance activity from the childhood constantly, the adult is and what kind of activity is engaged. As much as the actor showing the example of ‘coup d’etat’ gets, it wonders more with the before. Couple of younger man and older woman were one more born with the executive director steel ♥ big Floron marriage entertainment world. The member Ron (27) of the music video directors executive director steel (38) and Boy group big flow is this hero. The age gap of 2 people are almost 11 year old. Sosa So A Chiou company of the Ron told “the Ron and Sakang Lee get married after 6 months loves in 1” “it is know to meet by the introduction of the acquaintance”. Because there was the voice and asked, ‘the speeding is not’ answered as the management company “it is not” to the unexpected marriage news in some people. 2 people gets married at January 27th of next year. It is the meeting of the wrapper and baseball player among TRUE part ♥ Daeeun Lee love. TRUE part and KT weeds pitcher Daeeun Lee who appeared in the Mnet ‘the Eon pretty rap Starcraft 2’ and It becomes the sensation said fall in love. 2 people are the part that it developed to the sweetheart with the introduction of the acquaintance. The netizen is the reaction that it was startled all of a sudden at these this color combination (?). The passionate love report comes out of the album release of TRUE part in the ago a day and especially ‘it is not PERNUM:3S for the public relation’ reacts. Nevertheless, many these are supporting the love of 2 people. The death ‘star’ Shin Sungil to be ▼ ‘star’ divinity passed away by the age of 81 years olds of one’s age at death. It had a pain, the death of the Shin Sungil drawing one stroke in the Korean film history made many these hearts. The wife Aengran Eom spoke as “there were a lot of joy anger sorrow and pleasure so far. However, our 2 lived by the mess” “if the dead is again born and lives together, the then is the mind which respects like the fairy and would like to live” at the funeral ceremony. The dead got the lung cancer 3 verdict at June last year. In the certain sanatorium of after Suncheon in South Jeolla Province, the treatment was gotten but over 4 month at 2:25 a.m. passed away after all. The interview of the inconvenient interview Suhyun of ▼ Suhyun and Jeura E Miller and Jeura E Miller and Portal site was hotly heated. Be the broadcaster key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla and interview. The key Earles T-shirt Ppeulla bit at Suhyun, appearing on the movie ‘the crime of the mysterious animals and Geurindel Wald’ Jeura E Miller and interview “‘ Harry Potter ‘ book was read anytime for the first time”. Suhyun gave an answer “it asked the father’s friend in the secondary school time U.S.A and the book was found and read”. The problem happened from here. The height Earles T Ppeulla has “it read with Engilsh” “there was the number to speak Engilsh then” the racialdiscriminatianal question. The action which asks to Asian ‘the line child to speak Engilsh increases’ or which White praises in the English-speaking world to use Engilsh is accepted as the racial discrimination. Jeura E Miller watching in the side has ” (suhyun) with Engilsh still. But while I was unable to install no more than Engilsh, ‘ jackpot ‘ Park ate, by using the short Korean of the back, I responded freely to the key Earles T Ppeulla. In ▼ Lee Jong-suk and Indonesia, to do the fan meeting in the Jakarta in Indonesia at last second, the detainment went and the detainment Lee Jong-suk was detained. It is due to transaction of the field promoter Yes24. The Lee Jong-suk got to be damaged by the visa non issue and ticket sale Ryang omission report. Lee Jong-suk came home in 2 days to be detained. The project tied the agency A revealed that it will do the powerful legal action in the local promoter.
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