The first overseas business trips and prologue of ‘very ponderous’


As to the reporter seniors, ” reporter had the good days. The horse in us…Talk the old days often. ‘the feeling kit (the work which invites the reporter, critic, and etc. belonging in the media and suggests the contents and proceeds with the people concerned interview, and etc)’ it takes mention among others most much The restriction happened often to the selection of talented people environment and the feeling kit was rare. The first overseas business trip itinerary was fixed at last. ‘See What’ S Next the name of the international movie streaming service Netflix is done: It is the Asia’ and multi title lineup event. The numbers, that is Singapore greatest noted place, or the news that it progresses in the bay Sands doubled the expectation and anticipation. About many times has the similar event in the other continent including Europe, and etc. but it is the beginning after the over year 2,016 Netflix Asia launching in Asia. Netflix is selected as the total amount of market price about 156 billion dollar (the Korean won 174.6 trillion won) the world biggest video on demand. In Netflix, it revealed “netflix is gaining the remarkable result at Europe. It would like to approach everyone after Europe to Asia little more near” and the Asia Pacific 11 country media were invited to the event. It provided as the schedule between two days when the Asia Pacific about 300 medium reporter and company and business partner takes part to the participants till the airline ticket, lodging, and etc. The recognition which is high in the overseas is enjoyed but skilled one is the fact in our country to the lovers yet. The heart throbbed to got to face the situation where it can do Netflix and domestic recipient and bridge role of the preliminary recipients. The copy of passport was submitted to the public relation agency. In spite of finishing many procedures including Netflix homepage authentication process, and etc., it was not true to nature easily to be the overseas business trip. The departure approached to the Sae which the work of the everyday was busy, it blinks the eye a day in the future. When it is like that, the business trip on is left. But the point called overseas was forgotten. The pocket wifi was hastily lent. The right transformer was prepared at the field. The meeting was done departure the day before at dinner time with the representative of entertainment world. The time when it is the next day business trip, it came home on the condition which is not good early but it beats the door lock password and it joins the home, it is over 10 o’clock at night It didn’t exchange. The money exchange was hurriedly fortunately finished in the departure day. The departure time arrived at Singapore by the Korean time at 4:20 p.m., 11 p.m. changed into the local time. It arrived and the out of a window was softly seen, it rained. It was delayed to pick up the airport situation on baggage and the baggage was gotten at 11:50 p.m. It arrived at the hotel together with the group arriving at Singapore by the next flight. Really the verstand class hotel which Netflix provides the total amount of market price which 174 trillion Korean won are over as proved was splendid. The investment which is abundant in this event was done, it wanted. However, there is the end that it is the poor man first class (the poor man first class). It is the mind than the material to be important to the man. The careful mind It came in the check-in and room, it was the next day at 12:38 a.m. The body is very ponderous. However, there at this time, be no reason to know that it was the condition which this condition is the best with the fixed middle. It was seen beyond the room curtain at a glance that lightning flashes. It slept on the airplane, whether the new environment was unfamiliar, whether it held in the sleep in 50 minutes at 5 a.m. whether or many ideas came in crowds into the first business trips. It had to sleep much at any rate. In this way, the first overseas business trips started.
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