The coriander of ‘the wheat per’? … The dense constant and ‘surprisingly, the announcement’


Originally the days program was fine in this way to be the feeling kit. It was the work demanding the enormous physical strength, whether it was the work which the restriction is abundant in the article process of writing became curious. The seniors are “ani”. There was no thing receiving the detail with this and that easily in the policy of Netflix highly regard the security ‘. Because of being the situation where the host and agent is separated, the important detail had to be received through the several legs. Really there was a lot of the embargo (the time-limited report abort). The article cannot be written even if the story is held up. Even the fixed first day in the evening came to this event total participating nation, participation reporter number, and etc., and it could receive. The first day constant started at 8 o’clock a.m. and ended at 9:30 p.m. And 7:30 a.m., that is in 10 hours, the second day constant was started. Were you there was no, it gets back senses it is dense? The all of a sudden added days program was not almost to feel astonishingly. Netflix was the coriander of ‘the wheat per (to push and pull)’. Because there was in the busy fixed and fatigue middle swept over to hold up the mind lightly, ‘surprisingly, the announcement’ related to the contents was let. In this event, introduction on the works having the opening to the public ahead, face-to-face communication, and etc. proceeded. The camp starring drama ‘the first love is the first time’ which the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Ryu Seongryong Dona Bae starring drama ‘kingdom’ (script Gimeunhui · direction Kim Sunghun ·2,019 year on January 25th, the prearrangement to open to the public) and index number Chung stick unscrews with our country work (· direction dirty dust seat ·2,019 year prearrangement to open to the public in the script Kim Min) and Kim Sohyun starring drama ‘it rings if it likes’ (script this zinc (Zn) SeoThe viloet · direction Leena feeling ·2,019 year prearrangement to open to the public) and variety program ‘ criminal, directly, you The season 2 ‘ (in 2019, the prearrangement to open to the public) was introduced. Firstly, it was known as December which the time to release to the public comes originally. It was like that included in all report materials. However, the teaser was revealed in the event for the first time. The originals opening to the public date that it is January 25 was written on the teaser the end in this coming 2019 and it got to be known to the media. The news about season 2 manufacture of the Kingdom ‘ was surprisingly announced. All Haet the story about ‘kingdom’ season 2 production the lead Hastings (Reed Hastings) founder and CEO climbs the stage ‘kingdom’ section comes to an end He is planning to come back to “there is the rumor about the season 2 production. It is the fact” 2 ” season. It was rare to set the season 2 in concrete before the season 1 was launched. It told to be one ” which gets to know soon why it made that decision. Moreover, ‘ criminal, directly, you The news that the singer and actor leeseunggi appears on the season 2’ was known. Janghyeok ash PD and actor Minyoung Park rising to the stage as the panel face-to-face communication time program performer mentioned leeseunggi performance fact. Minyoung Park thought that someone will be committed because Lee Gwang-soo appearing in the season 1 at ” this season didn’t appear. It shot together. There was the establishment that it takes part and there was no given script, there was in the scene and it was smart but the peculiar aspect done eagerly showed the looks where there is ‘clumsiness’ and the impression shared with leeseunggi was revealed. And on leeseunggi “it is the department ‘ which is similar to our cast” the intimacy was expressed and the young blood was transfused with one people. My age got to have together and the heart which it was good, is glad was expressed. All schedules of the first day were finished until 1 Kingdom ‘ and the second movie show time and it came back to the lodging, 10 p.m. had been being near. Singapore was famous for the night view. The curtain of the lodging in which there was no mind and it is unable to open yet was opened, the minister stretched out. It was fantastic. It is Netflix giving present of the night of beautiful Singapore. However, because it was overcome by drowsiness, the outside of window of could not be long looked out and there cannot be. The ask was trying to have the sleep. 21 minutes and message of the representative of the agent came to fly at 11 o’clock at night. The hard days program suffered. … the fixed related conduct to is asked tomorrow
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