‘the hand The Guest’ Kim Dong-wook ” work sequela is big. The physical strength recovery, yet.


The drama said go well. There was no to the movie said go well and be changed. It is due to result that it comes on foot silently so far. However, he is the changed plan in the future. It takes care to repay this result It is the talk of the actor Kim Dong-wook finishing OCN drama ‘the hand The Guest’ recently. It met with Seoul Gangnam-ku one cafe on 6th and as to Kim Dong-wook, ㄷ raised “the drama ended at last” the sigh. Your esteemed younger sister Hwapyeng Yoon role inquired into the evil spirit on the ended drama ‘the hand The Guest’ was undertaken at last first and Kim Dong-wook performed enthusiastically. He got the criticism that it met the new life character after ‘coffee Prince’ as this role. It is the work which it thanks so to ” I. When shooting, it was so really physical difficult and one loved after ‘coffee Prince’ as the drama is good when this is the first time. It is happy. As He told ‘the hand The Guest’ is not easy work. As much as the meterial that it is the Ek Girls’ Generation the time was dealt, it was difficult for the spiritual · strength. It was Kim Dong-wook whom they have been acting about ten years but was not easy to sweep so far which the shooting ends. It was the work physical exhausted with the highest in history among the work which it did till ” now. If usually, the other work ends, if usually, the other work is the day and about two days, it is recovered and this work is not physical recovered and there is. It may not take the time. The most important points of interest in the current work ‘who is Ildo Park?’It connected. The various device and polyline repeating the reverse upon the inversion was spread and the viewers the drama were chaotically made. However, as to large-scale inversion, Kim Dong-wook was know the identity of Ildo Park from the work time before starting already. It is vigilant. Ha-ha. The triumvirate (the Kim Dong-wook · Gimjaeuk · pure silver is snatched) was know among the pole before entering the shooting. It was know because of doing the director, author and work, character talk, and etc. It is dissimilar the staffs didn’t know in the time when the last script will come out. As to ‘the hand The Guest’, the strong glazing acting of the son-in-law of the king people was each time topic. While Kim Dong-wook whom they act together waited and sees their smokes, it said be difficult. In ” side, one watching their smokes was difficult. If it sees to be immersed and do, I get to follow this energy together. It was not easy to exchange this strong tendency and cost the relative and acting. He in the last episode, at last, all Ppyeolchyeot the glazing smoke It worried much due to the climax of ” this work. The acting of another the son-in-law of the king people was originally excellent. When going over to Ildo Park from the whole Hwapyeng Yoon, it worried the tone of the change if how the water level had to be set. Kim Dong-wook, Gimjaeuk, and pure silver are snatched and it is the Chemie of this triumvirate not to canexclude from ‘the hand The Guest’. The talk of the triumvirate was frequently brought up from the during the interview and Kim Dong-wook made a boast of hises unlike other people friendship. If there is the god to shoot alone, it is depressed. Since it would like to put together quickly with the friends if it puts alone gets tired soon. But even before the scene put together meeting, the energy appears. The expectation called ‘any kind of prank is played. But’ ‘how it shoots. Enjoyably’ appears. It is the really good friends. It learned much as the actor. These interests which is abundant in the getting back together of Kim Dong-wook especially keeping time in ‘the Coffee Prince first branch’ and Gimjaeuk in among them leaned. These met almost in one work in 11 years and new ‘wellmade work’ was put out. It was the same to the head which it bends in ” (kim) ash be shortened. There is no unfamiliar one at all. It was comfortable from the first shootings. It contacted often for the time that it is the year 11. It was perfect because of in this way, meeting. There is no also to the acting tell. Kim Dong-wook got the love which is abundant by the movie ‘- phosphorus along with the god and kite’ and drama this year. The watching viewer, audience, and fans were together delighted at his making a long drive taking advantage of victory. See ” Man dust Eo. ‘the movie and drama were well ready and it is how’ high I feel ‘it sent this year in this way’ from that question in fact. It was not to rest really in 20 and it made an art work much. In the early-thirties, the work was selected it was unstable the burden. It was comfortable now it sees the then. When seeing the work, it gets to see as a little wide eye line. Because the mind treating the work is changed, the reaction seems to be changed in the outcome. As to Kim Dong-wook, debutting as ‘school’ the acting life is the tea in 2004 in 15. It was constantly active in the drama and movie so far and the acting spectrum was extended. The large-scale love was received at last. His plan what is in the future. Because ” this year can be cheerily finished, it is happy. As much as that, 2 months which remain in order to run next year eagerly seem to have to be well prepared. The year 2,019 would like to try the energy than this year more effusively. In advance, the Merry Christmas
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