The Kimyung Guk pine I string passionate love? …”Upload the cat evidence picture.


The singer Kimyung bureau was seized by the girl group pine I string and love affair and give back grave Reu glazing machine rumor. As to netizen, the reaction “there is no interest in the love affair” “the uplift can reveal the exact evidence related to whereabouts” is pouring. The response that the netizen is unable to believe the abandoned cat Reu city official position which Kimyung soup reveals in the Portal site and on-line community stops on 10th. Previously, the agency Chun entertainment revealed “the cat Reu city in Kimyung bureau is protecting in the head office and Kimyung bureau deeply is regretting on the Jeom that it evoked much criticism by this work”. After that, as to agency, ” Kimyung bureau adopted 6 menstruation kagu. It combined fiber along with the toll Reu city in the lodging, it was unable to adapt if “***” Reu city lived with the kagu. The thing inflicting the hurt on the other give back graves happened. It is deep Kimyung bureau got to determine sent one the Reu city the adoptive and the situation was explained at that time. However, it didn’t get in touch with the guardian adopting the Reu city. The agency finding the escaped Reu city from new guardians is protecting. The man whom ” uplift instigates realizes the netizen. Firstly, there is no case where it sends the adoptive. It can raise and can the feelings be no better than the third in which the first brings refreshingly? (adu1****) Isn’t it to be discovered in “raise the photo in the head office” (iy58****) ” animal shelter? It is seen as deserted one and no way, are not you unable to upload to the cat photo Ha Dynasty which is protected in ” (vice****) “the adoptive is not and it deserts from the beginning, as if” (prol****) “open the exact date sent the Reu city adoptive” (noov****) ” office be raised, and believe? Why. (taet****) the reaction of “this or circle can be really trusted” (cjg4****) back stops. Previously, in on 10th, on-line community, the writing that the cat Reu city in Kimyung bureau seems to be abandoned came up. The picture this writing the corresponding text was revealed saying that it came up to 9 month abandoned cat cafe which the cat presumed at the cat Reu city which Kimyung bureau raised is over. The aspects of cat having the appearance which is very similar to the Reu city was contained in the photo. These fans paid attention to this to the paw of the cat. These insisted that it was presumed as one of which 2 cats are identical saying that the foot design was very the same. The some fans inquired of Kimyung bureau about whereabouts of “the give back grave Reu city photo is authenticated” the cat. The rumor about falling in love of this day Kimyung bureau and pine I string was brought up but the interest of the netizen is the situation where it leans to his give back grave Reu city. The management company of Kimyung bureau and I string denied as “the relation of lovers is not”. “this article is born because It became Yae since Ppeudyu of was come out” (jc06****) “come up till the goose pimples” (kjhg****) ” Yungcook however some fans see the love affair How are you like this? (yoom****) the reaction of “the idol whom I liked for the first time was Jbj. Yungcook had been providing the cheer from ‘ Ppeudyu ‘ time. ” (cyh ****) back was shown.
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