The Tteuwaiseu and pink directions YES Or YES


In order that the girl group Tteuwaiseu (the naked kite, sysmaticness, and Momo live. But the utmost filial piety, U.S. or everyone string, stick the soul, and Jjeu of are taken care) stimulated ‘the south lead’ with the more and more voluptuous dance, it came back. Are you once crazy about the fascination of the Tteuwaiseu? Refuse the rejection. In at last fifth Seoul Gangseo-gu KBS arena hole which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten, the sixth mini album ‘YES or YES’ showcase was opened. The stage which the cute is lively was decorated with the recording song ‘BDZ’ and title song ‘YES or YES’ which this day Tteu Y is worm-eaten. These eye and ears which the risen beautiful face of the members and dance sees cute were simultaneously satisfied. The mutually different fascination is caused with the pink outfit and especially this day member Jjeu the upper part and Momo is the attention the Kkeureoneun part. The Jjeu the upper part matching the pink silk blouse and short pants The point was given in the corset belt and the slim waist was emphasized. The thanks to this feminine appeal was doubled. Momo gave the point as the pink skirt to the top cloth which the shoulder is revealed. The fascination which it was cute to be different from the feminine atmosphere of the Jjeu the upper part and is active was emphasized. It is the part which the pony tail shape attracts attention. It drew of Momo and the thin neckline was more protruded. Meantime, ‘SAY YOU LOVE ME’ and ‘LALALA’, ‘YOUNG & WILD’, ‘SUNSET’, and ‘AFTER MON’ etc. total 7 track the sixth mini album ‘YES or YES’ of the Tteuwaiseu was collected including the title song ‘YES or YES’ of the same name.
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