‘the perfection bloom beautiful face’ which it sees the team, it calls the anticipation

It is attending the drama ‘the plurality came back’ production presentation which is held in Seoul yangchun-gu mok-dong SBS in the afternoon on 7th with the actor start-stop agar. ‘the plurality came back’ is the drama the adult comes to the Bogsu Kang (yoo Seung-ho) in which the life is twisted after being driven into the School violence harmer and being expelled from school and it pledges the revenge and which returns again to the school but which it draws the story which it gets involved in the case not to anticipate and occurs. On the coming 10th, the first broadcasting schedules
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The Tteuwaiseu ·BTS· Jekseukkiseu… idol and screen can meet.

The popularity Idol group began to extend the scope of activity to the theater district. The documentary showing the everyday of these live recording of the performances and behind the scenes appearance is the manufacture measure page Seo. The looks various oves the shows the honest feeling felt among the activity period idol star including the looks which sweats and tries in order to be not only for Korea and meet the global fans, interview, who and etc. can be met in the screen. The face was lit on the screen now just now and the art of the singers approaching the fans disposed. ◆ the girl group Tteuwaiseu attaining the sense for the real other worth of crab debut in the third anniversary as the Tteuwaiseu ‘TWICELAND’ and 4DX debutted as the concert movie ‘the Tteu Y srand ‘TWICELAND” over on 7th screen. The Tteu Y srand ‘the world tour which Tteuwaiseu is hosting’ Tteu Y srand John 2: The live recording of the performance of the fantasy garden ‘ was put. The overseas tour looks of the Tteuwaiseu and behind story including Singapore, Bangkok, Djakarta, and etc. can be met. The movie opened with CGV screen X (the show a movie system utilizing the forward screen and right and left surface of the wall simultaneously). The hit song ‘ (OOH-AHH is done) ‘ of the Tteuwaiseu is played with 4DX With ScreenX version and the work (CHEERUP)’ ‘ TT (TT)’ ‘ Nangnak (KNOCK KNOCK)’ ‘ signal (SIGNAL)’ back the total 17 the tune the stage can be met. ◆The stage earning the bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘: The stage earning the movie ‘the Geukjange west idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts the activity of the, global rock the documentary’ more: More, the movie ‘it debutted into the screen.’The number, more, the stage: More, the movie ‘ is the documentary putting 19 city overseas tour place of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and behind the scenes features in 2017. The stage appearance from behind of ‘2,017 bulletproof Boy Scouts live trilogy episode 3 wings tour’ live recording of the performance and bulletproof Boy Scouts, interview, and etc. was woven and it made. The same time released the movie in the whole world 40 Yeo country and area on the 15th of last month. 315,014 accumulated audience was ranking according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result in Korea on 7th till now. Moreover, the whole world accumulation audience who watches the movie following announcing on 6th was over 1.96 million people. ◆ the emotion was shown in the 20th anniversary,… group Jekseukkiseu met the fans by solder heartburnings movie ‘the Jekseukkiseu eighteen’ on the occasion of 20 anniversaries of debut in the theater in last January with the Jekseukkiseu ‘the Jekseukkiseu eighteen’. It is the real documentary putting the birth talk of the Jekseukkiseu eighteen ‘five released in 18 years albums of Jekseukkiseu regularity’ ANOTHER LIGHT’. The musical suffering which prepared the comeback album and which the Jekseukkiseu members felt included the idea about the pass in the future. Isn’t eun Jiwon unique in the movie to the fans in ” whole world? Is there the fan waiting for the year 18? It tells. And there is the scene conveyed the thankful mind toward beat ‘the yellow kiss’ waiting for me. Moreover, it is made with ‘the screen X’ at that time and is revealed. The movie opened on last January 18th and the accumulated audience ranking 50,419 people. The movie ‘GROW besides dealing the movie ‘maid’ putting the story of the group big bang (2016), ‘SM TOWN THE STAGE’ showing the emotion of the SM Entertainment Company Limited position singer stage (2015), and growth phase of the infinite: There is the real youth life ‘ (2014) of the infinite.
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It comes right now. Is this performance the first time?

The Republic of Korea is ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ fever now. The movie ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ performance heat drawing the life of the international lock band queen genius vocalist Fredj mercury never ride. According to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network, solder 한 ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ (the supervision Brian singer) is recording the first place of advance purchase rank as a.m. 10 on 7th standard booking rate 26.1% getting kicked on six weeks of unsealing on last October 31st. So called, the box office rank ‘reverse running’ was shown. It started with two Wi of premiere the day box office on last October 31st but the movie took possession of the first place of box office with the steady word of mouth on the 13th of last month for the first time. The place was again retaked same month on 19th after handing over after supremacy. The audience was diligently attracted and 5 million, that is 29 one times of unsealing, on 28th accumulation audience was exceeded. It is 6.462878 million standard accumulation audience on 6th. The successive generations music movie is most the box office record. The blockbuster is most the movie ‘les Miserables’ (2012) mobilizing 5.92 million people audiences with the prior. The Bohemian Rhapsody ‘ is the work drawn the Fredj mercury which gets to lead the lock band queen of the legend (malek in Lamy) and music world of the queen and stage on Outsider developing the dream of the music vividly. The queen got the love of the global music fan in 1,970~1,980 ‘s in 4 group lock bands debutting as 1 ‘the queen’ in 1973. The hot emotion and trepidation is inspired and the movie is evenly loved with the previous generation. The Bulleo ㅇ caused the great interest to the older generations audience enjoying the music of the years these of which the unsealing opening part queen was actively active but the choice was gradually received to the various ages. The analysis that It became the art which the whole age enjoys comes out. According to CGV research center, the selecting age group audience distribution including 13.6%, and etc. is shown over the result 20 shot 32.5%, thirties 25.9%, 40 shot 24.4%, and 50 that it investigates from the release date until last third. The Jae seeing ratio comes to 8.1 % (the same period TOP10 average 3.2%). The singalong (one which follows together and sings the Sing-along and song of the work) cinema is the topic. Fully remind of the concert with ‘the Tte window (the newly coined word in which many is one singing a song simultaneously early)’. The singalong cinema of the domestic multiplex cinemas including the Mega-box, CGV, Lotte cinema, and etc. is about in which it is difficult to visit the empty seat easily with the incredible popularity. The audiences call with the song. Also, the audiences bring the cheer implement including noctilucent stick, and etc. and enjoys the music of the queen sufficiently. The music of the queen was connected by the music site sound source where it is not finished in the cinema rank, broadcasting programme, and etc. Chinwoo Kim chief researcher “with increase rapidly after the release of a movie the queen relation domestic sound source usage was investigated” of the popular music official indicia chart heating chart revealed. MBC organized the Ethiopia refugee Kia fund preparation concert ‘the live aid’ which the year 1,985 which was similarly expressed in the movie with the reality and gives present of the hot emotion to the audience proceeds with the special show. MBC revealed “it analyze what the program which the audiences would like to see was and this special show was planned”. And 4.1 % (nielsen Korea (the) whole household standard) the program was recorded in spite of being broadcasted in the midnight time. KBS1 broadcasts ‘the queen to consider the heart of MBC special- I’ MBC pointing one documentary ‘the Fredj mercury and emperor of the queen’ the life of the night Fredj mercury out on 10th night Yeolpu*) as the meterial on 9th. As to the Jeongjiuk film critic, as to gale, the singalong maximizes the seen fun theater, special center, and etc. which seem to reach the big effect. The audience who is more abundant by this reason watched. It looked ahead that it was one ” that there is the number to contribute to the film culture growth if it was connected by the Jae seeing, the interest about the music movie rose more through “while it analyze” this movie.
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The attitude in which it treats Yoo Seung-ho and life last school uniform water (synthesis)

“the school uniform the mouth is done not have the thing in the other work now.”The Yoo Seung-ho Ga said in SBS new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the plurality came back’ (the script Yoonyeong Kim · direction Hamjun Lake) production presentation which is held in Mok-dong SBS 13 floor hall on 7th in this way. In the production presentation, the actor Yoo Seung-ho and team were seen. Kim Dongyeong and Park child causality Jonhoh Hahm PD whom it opens Gwak building attended. It returns again to the school saying that the adult will come to the Bogsu Kang (yoo Seung-ho) in which the life is twisted after the revenge came back, will be driven into the School violence harmer and will be expelled from school and it will revenge. However, it is the warm sensibility romance water which it puts the extraordinary story getting involved in the case not to anticipate once again anything but the revenge. Yoo Seung-ho was driven into the violence harmer among the pole and it was expelled from the school. However, it is resentful as Bogsu Kang coming back to Songko Seol for the revenge in 9 years. In this day production presentation, it told the Yoo Seung-ho “when the drama the school uniform the mouth is done not have the thing in the work finally now”. He told “it liked to wear the school uniform with the usual time but it avoided to wear in the broadcasting for fear of being young” “because of when thinking any kind of moment, the performance was determined because the idea that it can be the last opportunity when this suffers the school uniform suddenly got”. Jonhoh Hahm PD said the impression taking care of the drama direction. Even when taking a picture “‘ plurality came back from any kind of medium previously, it expressed as ‘ Eotta ‘ romance with the meaning was extraordinary and warm called romance”, in order to maintain the atmosphere which didn’t forget this part and which it is bright, it tried much, He told. All Bahyeot another meter which after that Yoo Seung-ho selects ‘the plurality came back’ He told “it is really interesting and the script is read and I am laughing continuously” “the Jeom that the work is full of the appearances which were beautiful like the works which it experienced when going to school in the past and are pretty was good”. After that, it added “it was charming that it Damgyeoit well that various talk including the looks, it has been loosening and etc., as to the characters the case getting complicated know each other among not only romance but also drama from the past to do the disorder”. Yoo Seung-ho and breath was fitted and the Gwak dong kite playing role of the character five years old Ho in confrontation with Yoo Seung-ho among the pole said to feel. ‘is the day fine?’ the Gwak dong kite is sweet the eyes which “it was the talk which surely it would like to do. The eyes installs me with Rege Seol so whenever it shoots with Yoo Seung-ho” ” (of Yoo Seung-ho) is basically mounted is really dimIt was almost to mistake and said and was Yoo Seung-ho confused. The Gwak dong kite is resentful in the drama as Songko Seol new chairman of the board five years old Ho. He held the appearance and good-looking personality which Gentle installs. However, the real state is the man solidly lumped with the inferiority complex toward the revenge. The Gwak dong kite told “the villain different from the character acting in the other work or image which the public have to me got to be carried out so far” “it is trying eagerly to be different from the looks in which the viewers saw this work and which was know about me usually and not feel the difference”. After that, because of try in order to give the change with ” external, it saw and did the man succeed to Gwak building? There would be the surprised fun and it added. When being the one’s first love of Bogsu Kang in the past, then it keeps the working system by the hour teacher Suchung Sohn flying ‘Pact’ swimmingly and as to partner, the start-stop Aro performs the hot rolling on the basis of among the pole of Yoo Seung-ho. The message which it would like to inspire to the audience as ‘the plurality came back’ which this day start-stop is well known was said. He told “these days we is shooting mainly in the school” “what is as the suppression the School violence or bullying and examinee receive because of the entrance examine in the work is realistically contained”. After that, it added “it wishes to connive to be interesting because of being good with the social problem that there is the romance but that there is that heavy and being”. MBC drama ‘the naked Ppeun criminal case’, that is in the same time rival work which Yoo Seung-ho and start-stop is well known, was mentioned. The Yoo Seung-ho “the work starts late and it is the disadvantageous fact that it hangs up but it will be much different from the drama in which it is different as the atmosphere in the genre” think that they cannot help being in a state of lull if because ” everybody had the memory of the school years in the past, ‘ plurality came back, they see. It was the fascination of our drama and that told. It explained “I watched ‘ naked Ppeun criminal case ‘” which the start-stop is well known “it is really interesting but this drama is quite different in the color from this drama”. After that, it added “when it thinks ‘ revenge came back to be differentiated because the color and energy is reflected and not only romance but also social problem is dealt”. Yoo Seung-ho confessed to put me down in the drama and be eagerly destroyed. The He “this genre had never tried there was no I” told “however, it didn’t try the greed appeared more”. Moreover, it added “because of being more destroyed as it shot continuously, it was anxious and became to the supervisor and asked and it was good, the answer was brought and it shot eagerly”. In this day production presentation, the audience rating commitment was announced. It told “‘ plurality came back, if the audience rating will be over 15%, the coffee will be shared with the citizens in the Hongik University for free and the free hug will be done” which the start-stop is well known. Meantime, broadcast SBS new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the plurality came back’ on the coming 10th at 10 p.m.
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The highlight Yong Jun-Hyung and birthday display panel project 43% achievement… last day?

‘yong Jun-Hyung birthday support 43% achievement’The place ‘the Ppaenaen star’ which the fan and star breathes together opened the birthday support of the group highlight Yong Jun-Hyung on the 23rd of last month. Presently, it is the condition where 43% is attained. The birthday event of Yong Jun-Hyung is completed with the cooperation of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ and right (the highlight fan club name). Screen the picture congratulating the birthday of Yong Jun-Hyung according to the star (point) number focused on the project in the display panel in many places. The event participation is possible in ‘the Ppaenaen star’ homepage and application. It is the way that the fans contribute the star which does the various activities and which it gets to Yong Jun-Hyung birthday event. Previously, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ held the birthday event of the member Yundujun on last June 8th. 400% was achieved with the passionate support of the fans. There is to screen the birthday congratulations video of the Yundujun in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite and Seoul Subway 2 the line 43 the alteration waiting room and Daeyeok Hong display panel from July 3rd to July 9th and attract. The interest is concentrated if Yong Jun-Hyung birthday project can succeed after Yundujun. The event proceeds until 9th.
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“it comes right now and is Korea the first time?”…’PMC: More, the bunker ‘ overseas performancist general mobilization

The movie ‘PMC: The steel of the overseas actors that bunker ‘ appears more on the movie was opened. The distributor CJ Entertainment, on 7th, ‘PMC: The steel in which Jeniffer El and Kevin appears more in the bunker ‘ Dureondeu, Marhic Yo Ba, and aspects of Spencer Daniels, and etc which are contained was opened. The appearance sending the Beullaengnijeodeu team of the global military affairs business PMC to the underground 30M bunker for the profit of me and U.S.A Jeniffer El was contained from the revealed steel. Shedt strongly the feel the professional Dap from his importing from the role attitude. Jeniffer El undertook CIA core head Mackenzie role among the pole. It is the actor informing the face in Korea through the British drama ‘the arrogance and prejudice’ and movie ‘the kings speech’. He revealed “it was charming to be the real-time. It was the interesting concept” “the energy and energy overflown unlike the movie had the story of the movie so far”. The marcus role infusing the feel of animation into the movie lifting Kevin 2 run was undertaken. The aspects of the global brave soldier experienced in the revealed steel into can be peeped. As soon as the scenario was read because of being ‘deo terror live’ fan of Byeongwoo Kim director lifting Kevin 2 run appearing in the movie ‘the real steel’ ‘noad’ etc., the movie was known to be selected. The sense of justice overflown and the Marhic Yo Ba undertook stupid and tactless Reoldeu Je role. His reliable appearance was included in the revealed steel. The Marhic Yo Ba is the actor that is constantly in the work activity with the movie ‘cool Runnings’ in which the newly coined word ‘it is the rule’ is born in the debut and Halliundeu and piles up the acting ability. Spencer Daniels undertook the intern logan role. Naive his attitude is well dirty in the steel. Spencer Daniels “‘PMC: The actors and director that participated more in the bunker ‘ and likes met and because it could be together, it was really good and Korean backpack was said. ‘PMC: More, the bunker ‘ is the real time alive action movie performed with the doctor king’s words (the Lee Sun dividing equally) which the captain A HEp (my humble mind mistake) of the global military affairs company (PMC) asks to a large sum of project by CIA and is invested in the underground 30m secret bunker and holds the key of the strategy. Open on December 26th.
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Were Jedong Kim and Kim praised? … the production crew “the serious distortion”

KBS culture and current event program ‘tonight, Jedong Kim’ refuted on the criticism report ‘the serious distortion’ toward the program. It was Lee Jun-Seok Bareun future which presented formal report data on 6th and which it appears in “the report that the broadcast praised Jong-Eun on last December 4th or there was no filtering, it let out is distorting the fact seriously” ” studio, the uppermost commissioner and Geeyae Shin Green Party joint committee chairperson was related and KBS kept the discussion of the critical position. Jedong Kim MC transmitted the critical responses of the political community about the appearance of Kim Bangnam welcome associations directly and the neutral position was held fast and revealed. As to production crew, the interview of ” this organization is already reported in the numerous press. And the press interview contents of this organization is quoted in detail and the article is coming out. The producer judged and conveyed altogether the article dealing Kim Bangnam phantom associations with the connection which it cannot see as ‘the praise news’. The part which there is adverse criticism was on the air with the interview scene of Sugeun Kim simple berry in ‘tonight, Jedong Kim’ broadcast installment for about 2 minutes. ” Kim is the hero Kim leader broke the taboo and it wanted. In a certain degree did ‘ our country society come? Is it me the job agar? It thought, it told. It emphasized in the broadcasting the He “until hang the freedom which ‘ I will think, the talk which it would like to do is one”. As to sugeun Kim leader, ” I am the passionate fan of Kim state affairs chairman in the Gwanghwamun in Seoul on the 26th of last month afternoon. Communist Party is good, I have the speech of the back and there am adverse criticism.
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‘the multiple story which the revenge draws’… drama ‘the plurality came back’

Park, the actor Yoo Seung-ho and team is seen. It is attending the drama ‘the plurality came back’ production presentation which is and which it opens Gwak building and which Kim Dongyeong opens in Seoul yangchun-gu mok-dong SBS in the afternoon on 7th. ‘the plurality came back’ is the drama the adult comes to the Bogsu Kang (yoo Seung-ho) in which the life is twisted after being driven into the School violence harmer and being expelled from school and it pledges the revenge and which returns again to the school but which it draws the story which it gets involved in the case not to anticipate and occurs. On the coming 10th, the first broadcasting schedules
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‘the home shopping throwing out dispute’ Gyeon Miri and witch hunting Vs moral responsibility

‘faultlessly rather Gyeon Miri Ssi the reason that it is the major shareholder or that this is caused by the reason that this husband was arrested and It becomes subject of social criticism one is unjust.’ As to the actor Gyeon Miri, its own husband aunt Ssi revealed the official position in the suspicion of stock manipulation with the restriction through the attorney law firm D corp. in 2016 on August 3rd, saying that ‘ (with the husband problem) Gyeon Miri was the have nothing to do work ‘ this. At that time, the Gyeon Miri husband hit against the charge which fabricated Botta bio price of stock which becomes a problem and takes the unfair profits. The South Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office stock crime joint investigation group arrested Lee for the capital market act violation (the market price control and false announcement) charge this year on July 30th. Just the part in which the Gyeon Miri felt uncomfortable most was the news. The interest leaning due to the husband constraint upon me is amicable. Exceptionally it was the reason why it asks through the law firm ‘the personality of me because of the husband problem and honor aren’t thoughtlessly defamed’. The penal servitude in the law breach allegation sentence hearing about the capital market which the Gyeon Miri husband Lee Ssi progresses to this year on November 2nd South Branch of Seoul District Court criminal conference 12 part (the Shim Hyeongseop head judge) mental state which 4 months pass from him in 2 and financial investment industry, in 4, all Badat the fine 2.5 billion won judgment The Gyeon Miri position was not changed with the constraint at the time in relation with this. Still, ‘the husband and I the special case’ ‘it is unconnected’ are adhering to the position. “the person doesn’t know in hiring” the agency is repeating the position. The Gyeon Miri was known as many turn celebrity stock riches through the broadcasting so far and the strong means was mentioned. However, there was no particular apple or the official position related to the husband, it had been doing the home shopping activity actively. It is appearing without hindrance on SBS daily soap opera ‘kangnam scandal’ starting to featuring the first broadcastings on last November 26th. In conclusion, while the national petition demanding the broadcasting throwing out appeared, it emerged for the dispute. At last fourth, in Blue House national petition bulletin board, * entitled ‘the home shopping appearance on the stage of the Gyeon Miri is uncomfortable’ came up. ‘the looks of the minimum apology and steaming has not to be shown as the wife’ are the voice since it is sentenced to the penal servitude of the husband Lee Ssi. This was previously compared with the conduct of the broadcaster Kim Na-yeong. After apologizing promptly to be on the 23rd of last month, on 20 billion shot fraud cases “I who was well Mollat about the jobs of the husband am reproachful” of the husband “one the husband entertaining the atonement”, Kim Na-yeong stopped all the broadcasting event schedule and YouTube activity. The husband of Kim Na-yeong was arrested for the suspicion which set up the several economic men and illegal private gift option company and acquires the excessive profits of the level of 20 billion won. Kim Na-yeong pledged Kim Na-yeong through the written apology “when also my I on will be looked back due to this and in order to will contribute to the society to the good work as possible, I will try”. The petitioner writing on Blue House national petition bulletin board petitions for the home shopping broadcasting leaving of ” Gyeon Miri. The stock manipulation of the husband is the crime which is better more serious with ‘the debt two’. The famous physician of the Gyeon Miri was used for this crime and there was no one word of apple in the victim, the cosmetics could not be understood whether there were 8 the lates and it insisted. The spark spattered onto the home shopping company right after national petition. The netizens are raining fire at the broadcasting company has been launch the Gyeon Miri pact including the present age, GS, CJ, Lotte, and etc. all at once. A person who concerned home shopping company was the anonymity careful with the premise “the negative public opinion surges suddenly and it is puzzled in fact”. The entertainment world is noisy due to the family related issue as much as the newly coined word called ‘the debt two’ appears recently. Possibly the extraordinary victim shouldn’t happen due to the Yeoronmorisik witch hunting. Only, if it was sentenced to the imprisonment for the suspicion which fabricated the price of a stock into the false announcement and in which the husband takes a large sum of excessive profits, as to “it comes out and is unconnected”, one is the unreasonable talk. It is the relationship which it enjoys together the sad time and the happy time called the family takes the responsibility. ‘the I, why, the husband is getting the sconce already’The attitude that the Beo milk goes to its own way to go is not right. As to Gyeon Miri, as to the stock rich came after remarrying with lee. The favor which is various with its own name-value is enjoyed. If the up apoptosis is the popularity the pop star, the attitude taking the minimum moral responsibility towards the public inspiring this popularity is the essentiality.
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‘umbilical cord’ rapture comes back. ‘limitless Challenge’ members were seen and it wanted.

The children from broadcaster rapture of the group empire finishes the obligation of the national defense and it comes back to our side. It had the rapture the global type in the square as if the Seoul Dongjak-gu national Seoul string recruitment string insect was stood in the morning on 7th. The rapture, at March 13th in 2017, the ipso in Chungchungnam-do Nonsan army recruit training center and all Haet the service with the military music sickness The rapture was said “the idea that it will wait for the fact me was unable to be done and it rooted because the person who is abundant in the article recently wanted to see and it was happy”. On MBC variety program ‘limitless Challenge’ end mentioned him. The rapture was said “it was so a pity” “it talks over the telephone with the supervisor and brothers separately and is good”. All Kkobat ‘limitless Challenge’ members with the man who wanted to see most the most in the meantime The girl group in which it becomes the tonic for the military life most revealed as the black pink and the rapture sang ‘solo’ of the member genie in the field. The friends in ” army rolls him around the request which asks to say a word to ‘close friend’ G-dragon the military serve There was (im) city smiling and there were 0 times (sun)s, the soldiers of government army serving eagerly with “***” wished to thank you so and it wishes to be wisdom and courage (Jidaereugon) encouraged and rooted. The rapture is planning to be returned to MBC variety program ‘the battery time of interference’. The Sosa So this buoy NT made a request “it expects”, saying that it was “it doesn’t become that rapture and manager meets and it is awkward”. After that, it revealed with the reason why it gets to select ‘the battery time of interference’ as the first show after comeback “the program production crew had been requesting the appearance from 2 months’s the former to be already discharged” “it judged as one in which the warm concept of ‘ Chamsea Jeon ‘ will harmonize with Gwanghui Hwang”. The rapture was said “when It will become the rapture which can be brighter in the future and which it can give the strength for the healthy smile”.
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