‘already, 3 mothers of child’… top cliping agency “the gotten childbrith and very healthy condition” (formal)

The group WonderGirls native top cliping (30· one’s real name elected by citizen example) held the third in arms. Top cliping agency Polaris entertainment revealed on 31st, “top cliping gave an easy birth to the pretty third daughters”. The agency explained “the third daughters were brought about in 30 tray landscape (local time) Canada the day before at 4 p.m” “it was healthy very and as to top cliping, the third I were healthily born as 3.8kg”. The embryo’s name of the child was ‘tosyl’. And it named as Yoochin Park. In addition, it made a request and added “top cliping is planning to strive for the postpartum care for a while and it doesn’t have the concrete plan of action in the domestic yet”. As to top cliping, the metaphor was putting the quantity with the missionary from Korean-Canadian and marriage and subgenual in 2013 to do. And therefore, It became the mother of 3 daughters. The following is the top cliping agency Polaris entertainment official position speciality. Hello. Be the Polaris entertainment. The mother of 3 children came to the singer top cliping (the one’s real name elected by citizen example) Ssi playing an active part as the girl group WonderGirls. Top cliping gave an easy birth to the pretty third daughters in Canada p.m. 4 on 30th 30 minute one of the five wathces of the night (local time). Presently, it was very fine and the third I were healthily born in 3.8kg. The embryo’s name said make the tosyl Iro name with Yoochin Park. The child leaning on the top cliping Ssi place has Miss who the first daughter Eunyoo Park Miss and second daughter is stingy with the third daughters in top cliping this time. The request offers as much as one can to pray for each day happy of the top cliping Ssi families greeting the new life. As much as the pretty third children are given an easy birth to, it is planning to strive for the postpartum care for a while and doesn’t have the concrete plan of action in the domestic yet, top cliping gives notice. Thank you
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“there is the happy day”… TVXQ best the people and birthday support 73% achievement

The play space ‘the Ppaenaen star’ of ‘there is the always happy day’ idol fandom held the birthday project of the male duo TVXQ best the people on 18th. It is the state where current 73% which the Ji on 13th in which the event is opened is past is attained. The birthday market of the best the people are completed with the cooperation of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ and Korea Japan and China fans. The success or not is determined by the sort (the point which can be gathered in the site) achievement rate according to the fan participation. If much 100% is packed, the image congratulating the birthday of the best the people are screened at Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room display panel. The subway video showing and treble bus advertisement proceeds if it comes to much 400%. The congratulation advertisement image is exposed to Apgujong CGV screen if it reaches much 600%. In the birthday project of the best the people, “there is the always happy day” and celebration writing of “the people, it loves and all good luck brothers get all alone in 2019 in this year” etc. fans are continued. The relevant event proceeding untill the third of next month can participate from ‘the star market’ corner of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ homepage I. Meantime, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ opened the birthday display panel support of the member Yooroh Yoonhoh on 11th. 200% is achieved with the passionate support of local and foreign fans. The birthday congratulations video of Yooroh Yoonhoh is planning to be screened at the display panel in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite near and Seoul Subway 2 the line 43 the alteration waiting room display panel for a week next month from 5th until 11th.
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NCT reappearance and birthday display panel project progress middle…’The deadline approaching ‘

‘the reappearance birthday event progress middle’The birthday support of the group NCT reappearance with is proceeded in the site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ imparting the idol ranking information on 31st. It is the large-scale project in which the video congratulating the birthday of the reappearance is screened at the display panel in many places. The display panel is at the major center of Korea and Japan. The birthday greeting message which the fans fill out directly is put on the screen with the photo of the reappearance. The plan which the ment of 5 people through the drawing lots will be includedThe event participation can do in ‘the star market’ corner of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ homepage I. It is the way that it contributes the sort (point) which the fans gather eagerly to the birthday event of the reappearance directly. If the various activities are done in the site or every kind of mission is completed, the star can be easily gotten. Presently, the birthday project is the status where 19% is attained. The outcome gets attention if Nam can succeed for the period while the event proceeds untill the third of next month. Meantime, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ is the idol daytime ranking site which Deoppaekteu manages. In on April 24th Incheon Namdong gymnasium turned the Deo pack, hold ‘the Deoppaekteu music awards’.
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Till ‘the violence dispute’ burning sun and various suspicion · national petition from the hardship

The club burning sun in which the group big bang member wi manages and which gathers the word of mouth is under widespread criticism every day. The suspicion is various from the assault incident to the narcotic, sexual violence, and police coalescing. All sorts of issues surrounded the burning sun are settled with the time order. The report in the police the mob violence was encountered by the club authorized people including representative director Chang, and etc. in 25 chance Ssi and Seoul Gangnam-ku Yoksam-dong club burning sun on November, 2018 The police and Kim, rather, the Kim-Chang Ssi the both parties violence investigation inrush after the flagrant offense arrest with the charged on multiple counts including obstruction of business The people concerned which uploads the writing of the title called ‘it is the group assault case which it cuts the civilian mob violence of the police and burning’ and photograph on 15 chance Ssi and internet community on December, 2018 and cuts the burning and insistence it was assaulted by the policeThe Kim “it investigated due to the condition where there is the bleeding with the Gutta evidence bruise which the rib transposition 4 weeks fracture, rhabdomyosis (the symptoms of which the man dies in the torture, stick quality, and etc. in the past with the manifestation it prevents the blood the muscles melts), and right finger paralysis (being among the peripheral anesthesia-inspection) back is serious by Gutta at night but as to I, as to the harmer came” ” sirThe insistence it is the pressed investigation of the Chal, unjust investigation, threat, and violation of human rights Find the people who on assault incident happening in the club B of the Seoul-si Gangnam-gu is being well known before for six o’clocks of dawn on January, 2019 4 day SBS (*geugeoga Algosida*),”2,018 year on November 24th. The giving information of the people in which on the club inside circumstances is well known and which are for is waited, moreover, the writing of the detail is published in Twitter. On January, 2019, 11 days SBS ‘that would like to know’ and additional publication in “‘GHB ‘ (1 people ‘ gamma-hydroxybutyric acid ‘) drug which it is known with the date rape narcotic was used or the giving information of the damaged person the person know about another hallucinogen or the use of the aphrodisiac for is waited” the twitter The time Kim pointed out as the sexual molestation harmer has been being outward taken the other customer and quarrel sticks Haeneuni is not placed MBC ‘News desk’ and Kim Ssi event report “the police correspondence is not understood”-club ” Kim sexually harass the director inside company resignation victory mother Kang it cuts 24 days victory and burning and thank resignation cut the burning on January, 2019 at January 28th in 2019What do it doesn’t accept the arrest in the course where it throws away the garbage in the condition where the Ryeot everyone “-police officer” Kim is very excited and you kick, it is doing the work disturbance and… club asserts the work disturbance damage in the side and it restrains and the flagrant offense arrest ” wi and YG entertainment and ‘ refuse to answer ‘ can write on Kim and Instagram at January 29th in 2019? One to be burst with ” sequential The large sum table people concerned cutting the burning and woman giving information which mixed ‘gamma-hydroxybutyric acid’ with the liquor and which the representatives rape came and the broadcasting corporation shooting was shot. The sexual violence image cutting the burning the obtainment ” insistenceKim and ‘in the slope *** and police corporal *** besides ***, the investigation is asked whether the bribe is gotten’ title writing publication in Blue House national petition bulletin board”represent the club manager in the Jeom in which the staff in club arouses criticism with the violence and express the apology and regret which the sincerity is young” the expression of one’s position it is “the case generated in the process where it deals with the civil application of the female customer who the club staff complains of the sexual molestation damage it receives” that it cuts the burning Informing and, “the person involved in the accident brought to account and managed the discipline and resignation. It will do best for the measure for the prevention of recurrence afterward”. ‘ sir which 32 family publishes on January, 2019 with the former director A Ssi and dialogue opening to the public…A Ssi “because of being in the late time, the assault incident went before this but it is know as one which the wi comes to the club because of the event” evidence triumph and YG entertainment and ‘refuse to answer’ it cuts KBS and burning at January 30th in 2019 with the triumph and YG entertainment and ‘refuse to answer’4 ***s, Blue House national petition letter, and agreement number of people 250,000 people breakthrough the investigation is asked the bribe is gotten in the police corporal *** besides ***
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‘gangway’ Sung Dongil ” this paper weight smoke? My property Geolget everyone “.’Surprisingly.

The actor Sung Dongil foretold drastically the change in acting style of this paper weight in ‘gangway’, OCN dramatic cinema ‘gangway’ (the script Namsanguk · direction shucked shellfish mistake) production presentation opened with 31 with the day in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Reumereudiang hotel afternoon. All Nanwot the story about the art the shucked shellfish mistake PD and actor this in charge of direction paper weight, Sung Dongil, Hwayeong Lim, and Kyonghoh Yoon which attend in the production presentation As to ‘gangway’, sanguk Nam author who the shucked shellfish right PD of the movie ‘white Night’ writes the direction the drama ‘TEN only the special event exclusive charge’ with the hard-boiled trace thriller drawing the details of people anchor Woohyun Kang (this paper weight) which is caught by the trap which OCN cannot be well known shocking kept the script. The story like the movie which it cannot experience easily in the everyday is planning to spread in the exquisite development of the drama. This paper weight kept the representative anchor Woohyun Kang of the Republic of Korea has been succeed the first place of for several years journalist reliability among the pole. Woohyun Kang was the social respect and harmonious family and peaceful figure who is seen as if it had the world all ones all. But it is crazy about ‘trap’ which it is unable to expect one day and it sets beyond the hell. Although it sees in the preview, the rough between forest and field of reeds is scattered and this paper weight is walked, or the scene which is desperate and dangerous of is frequently played a role such as while It becomes the bloodiness, being exhausted and feeling pain in the crossroad of life and death., etc. Besides, the nap urgent as the head of a family traced the rear of the case to the end in order to keep is displayed and the hot rolling is performed. See among “when I saw, it challenges the role which maybe it doesn’t try never once so far and this paper weight is the change in acting style equal to one as ‘ gangway ‘” ” shooting that this paper weight acts and the Sung Dongil can see in this. Did you risk life and limb? The idea was almost to get and the smoke passion of this paper weight was praised highly. After that, it added the Sung Dongil “the character was not produced digesting really well the character that this paper weight is Woohyun Kang and having from the first time the actor that it is this paper weight in mind to the supervisor, and it was almost to ask” and the expectation was evoked. It told “the action scene was frequently tried at the former times. However, as to thriller, ‘ gangway ‘ is the first time” when it makes the ether “the scene which shed most much (with the make up) blood and uses the gun and knife among the work acted so far of was played a role” and the strong change in acting style in the hard-boiled trace thriller ‘gangway’ was expected. Besides, however the surprisingly amazing inversion spreads in the pole mid-section “it was the man Woohyun Kang who was caught by the trap and loses all ones. However, because I played a role of the position in which it has done continuously, the acting which was suffer and which it does the reaction was principal to entrust nearly to the partner and bother”. At this time there are many I in my role. It said that it put an emphasis and they acted and the drama points of interest was introduced. ‘the dramatic cinema’ genre ‘gangway’ is not ‘the kinematic model drama’ The shucked shellfish mistake PD who in charge of direction and takes charge explained “when getting to know, the will that it plays the challenge of which OCN channel is cinematic revealed this work strongly at first time” “because of being the work prepared with the movie, originally the root itself this work is the movie”. After that, it was “it can think that movie was again made into the drama of 7 volumes. It is the drama in which the cinematic access is strong differentiated from the drama in which it is different in the point” the pride dirty. It thinks that drama is not and the movie is watched as much as the time when the shucked shellfish right PD will see “‘ gangway ‘ and the fire can be put out and it can connive. ‘ gangway ‘ which it wishes not to prepare and the popcorn makes a request because instead, it is startled all of a sudden and it can turn upside down. Broadcast the drama on the ninth of next month at 10:20 p.m. for the first time.
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‘gangway’ this paper weight-Sung Dongil and ‘the successive generations class change in acting style’

It attends OCN dramatic cinema ‘gangway’ production presentation which the actor Sung Dongil (left) and this paper weight is opened in the Reumereudiang Seoul hotel by the Seoul Gangnam-ku Bongeunsa in the afternoon on 31st and the photo time is taken.
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’20 anniversaries’ activity expectation ↑… Hyoshin Park and ‘LOVERS 2019’ image opening to the public

The singer Hyoshin Park meeting the debut in the 20th anniversary commemorated this year and the image ‘LOVERS 2019’ directing directly was introduced. Hyoshin Park agency glove box entertainment introduced the image of the quantity of the White heat minutes 30 seconds of the theme called ‘LOVERS 2019’ through the mid-day official channel on 31st. “WHERE IS…”The image begining with the phrases is including the scene of the variety. Hyoshin Park artist who it hits against the public explosive interest from ” New Year early and who is expects any kind of musical nap with the subject that it is ‘ love ‘ in 2019, saying that the representative of agency is “the schedule which one year to been putting the will of the artist and message on the occasion of 20 anniversaries of debut being warm spreads the activity handing over the warmth and love and hope” this if it is the steps. It asked to have and watch and made a request. This image is the image informing the various activity which Hyoshin Park meeting the debut in the 20th anniversary shows this year before. Being warm with the subject that it is ‘love’ to the public the intention of the artist that it will hand over the wish was contained. The aspects of Hyoshin Park which especially the image the end steps to somewhere raises the expectancy about the pass which He will show this year. Of course, the new aspect was satisfactorily shown as the participation and ‘creative diretor’ as the artist from the image plan till the directing such as the teaser inside of image calligraphy work hosted Hyoshin Park directly, etc. The curiosity rises if the theme that it is ‘love’ is solved by any form this year. The musician Jaeil Chung who is the musical colleague of Hyoshin Park when being the same member in agency ind charge of and the music of this image raised the percentage of completion and degree of concentration. It looks forward if the breathing of 2 artists connected from ‘wild flowers’ announced in 2014 is completed in this year with any kind of music. The agency the image opening to the public, simultaneously, all Yeoreot ‘LOVERS 2019’ homepage The image revealed this time can meet in the various channel including the glove box entertainment formal YouTube account as well as the homepage, and etc.
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‘the starting with the brush’ steel Daniels · Geesung Yoon and LM entertainment new nest

The project group wanna circle native steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon makes a fresh start in LM entertainment. LM entertainment revealed on 31st, “the exclusive contract with MMO entertainment of the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon is terminated due to January 31. It is changed to LM entertainment, that is from February 1st new agency,”. After that, it added “it promises to run out the best toward the artist having the new beginning ahead and support”, saying that it was “the plan which LM entertainment got to have together based on the close trust with 2 artists, and it discusses advisedly the direction of activity afterward and it decides” this. LM entertainment hinted the policy that it concentrates energies on the solo activity support of 2 artists as the professional entertainment company for the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon. These got the preferred and large-scale love through the Mnet audition program ‘the produce 101 season 2’ in wanna circle. Wanna circle finished wanna circle last concert ‘Therefore’ which is held in the past 24~27 day Kocheok sky-dome the official activity of 6 months finally in 1. The formal fan cafe was set up and the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon was started to the real solo pass. 2 people are spurring the solo debut preparation.
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The noon kite, for 5 months, ‘the lowest hourly pay 8,350 won’ part time work story

The recent condition in which the announcer noon kite works the part-time job in the cafe is opened and it is the topic. The noon yeon appeared on MBC variety program ‘radio star’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 30th and revealed as “the Ji, worked the part-time job in the cafe now, 5 months”. As to this day noon yeon, what is the work which ‘ I wants with the meter? It explained that it came to consider, “***” worked for 6 at a time everyday and the hourly pay 8,350 won against was being hit. After that, it spoke as the noon kite “there was not the other purpose, but the cafe part time work wanted to be tried” “while practicing the business which doesn’t adhere to the eyes of the marginal men and which it would like to do”. In this day recording studio, the aspects of the noon yeon which visits the venue while it got fat, as to the contained photo was opened. The noon kite was confessed in this “the part-time job is worked in the cafe and the fruit juice which the customers leave is so much drunk and the years old seems to be sweltering” “the weight was measured, 11kg was sweltering”. Meantime, the noon kite posted the writing informing the diet start before on Instagram at November last year. At that time, the noon kite pledges publicly in this way, and is likely to lose weight truly, saying that it is “a glass of avocado juice in which it abstains from the fruit juice on and after today and which the lunch doesn’t add the syrup” this. The diet starts, the photograph is uploaded with the writing and the diet is publicly declared.
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