“are the sister and ear prevented?”…’The confession of the romance the bonus book ‘ Lee Jong-suk (image)


Are ” sister (nayeong Lee) and ear prevented? It was very the fan in fact. Lee Jong-suk ha-ha established in the side of the actor Nayeong Lee showed the bright smile. The pole center activity was expected with the visual in which Nayeong Lee coming back to TV in ‘the succeeding fan’ Lee Jong-suk and year 9 is wonderful and atmosphere harmonious. The impression which gets to keep time with the long ideal type Nayeong Lee was revealed and Lee Jong-suk laughed in the cable channel is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Eonju street imperial palace Seoul TvN new the Saturday drama ‘the romance the bonus book’ (the script sine feeling · direction mileage filial duty) production presentation which p.m. 2 on 21st as if it were shy. It is the romantic comedy drama which it will draw the story of the men who the romance the bonus book ‘ makes the book the publishing company of the background warmly. In this drama, nayeong Lee Jong-suk is resentful of the career discontinuity women rostrum of ‘high-spec’ who is the copywriter having a good sale as the character with the star writer Eunhoh Cha character called ‘the idol of the literary world’ for a while. Lee Jong-suk is famous for the long fan of Nayeong Lee. Nayeong Lee had been being constantly pointed out as the ideal type in the majority interview. This day Lee Jong-suk attracted with the nap taking Nayeong Lee from the photo time frugally. A pair of couples unreal of 9 life-size ratio which seems to jump out from the cartoon just now stopped at the photo wall. When Nayeong Lee struck a pose shyly, then the photo time of in a long time was awkward Sokdaksokdak was whispered. When it hesitated that Nayeong Lee made the heart shape into the hand, then the person made 2 hearts and the lot of Nayeong Lee was added. When the press conference started, then ‘fan loyalty’ of Lee Jong-suk was expressed and the drama breathing of 2 people was expected. Lee Jong-suk finished the rhyme “the story that I am the fan of Nayeong Lee wished to be not mentioned” and it was very shy. After that, ” I am the succeeding fan. It was shooting gratefully and said and the bright smile was shown. “is the sister (nayeong Lee) ear prevented?” to Nayeong Lee Jong-suk taking up on directly, next seat andIt tells, because of being very the fan in fact, there may not be (with the other drama) difference with 10,000 this point. It said to the sister to include as the secret and the micro of the whole assembly was evoked. When starting that Nayeong Lee took care that it had the talk about Lee Jong-suk and it opened mouth, then the var to be put the body was done not know and Lee Jong-suk did and asked the head in the table. The imitation that it will dab by oneself at the ear as if it will be and shy and will be unable to listen was done. Nayeong Lee was the actor that would like to see ” me the smoke damage together. It was likely to be the actor that looks good if it was together. The synergy could appear, there was a lot of that it shared “***”, I learn in the field. It seems to be the actor that it goes, is good. It is kind to the staff actors. It is the person who is true as it knows if it knows. There was really the appeal as the human actor, it criticized favorably. Lee Jong-suk listening this confessed the carefully cute difficulty. If decorating He hurrying “the many helps are received as the junior” has ” difficulty, the face reddens hauntingly in the scene acted with the sister. It was good and told except that and flushed. Was the accomplished number in the long unanswered love of Lee Jong-suk and drama? ‘the romance the bonus book’ expecting excited older and younger romance of Nayeong Lee and Lee Jong-suk is having the first broadcastings ahead on the coming 26th at 9 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743636.htm, 2019/01/21 17:42:49]