The attack…’ of Joseon zombie groupThe preparation completion which the Kingdom ‘ and fan in the world will raid


The zombie group rushed into the production presentation field. It has a premonition of the mystery thriller in which the grand background music plays for the heart. The Netflix new original series ‘kingdom’ (the script Eunhui Kim direction Kim Sunghun) production presentation which ‘kingdom’ invited the preliminary audiences to Joseon in which the Phytophthora blight runs rampant and this lively field, the day is opened in the inter-continetal Seoul Ko-Ex by the Seoul Gangnam-ku Bongeunsa with 21 at 11 a.m. took place. The reddish lights and bleeding zombies met the group of reporters in the field entrance. When the Kkeo in got the camera toward the zombie, then the zombie group let out a horrible shriek and it sprang out at the reporter. The mood of the pole was completely shown. The dreary environment overwhelmed the field. While the Korean interior design expressed the historical backdrop of the pole sufficiently, the nationality of the group of reporters was various as the expectation for the work was reflected. As to ‘kingdom’, there is 15, 16 century sir Joseon with the background with the greed wrong for the human power, hunger of the people, and mystery thriller drama drawing the struggle history which confronts this and fights before the opening to the public on the coming 25th at 5 p.m. 27 language subtitles, 12 kinds of language dubbings get to meet 190 country Netflix audiences. In this day production presentation, the star general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Ryu Seongryong Dona Bae attended including the Kim Sunghun director and Eunhui Kim writer. When the photo time started, then the look which the leading roles of the drama are grim was made and it rose to the stage. The micro between was not left a space. The modern cloth was worn. However, it harmonized with the background music of the bleak feel and the expectation for the content of the pole was raised. The eyes was concentrated in the finger (?) where there is the dignity of the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character which is resentful as the serious look and magnificent inside atmosphere Crown Prince ear boil. His who puts on Dona Bae overhead to be feeble and stupid ‘the finger V’ gave vent to the burst of laughter of the whole assembly. It advances and our country is the Asia Netflix original series first work. 6 parts and church about 2 billion won were altogether invested. Two degrees of season was notified. ‘the quality check’ can expect the drama of the platform characteristic on monitor center good quality of thorough Netflix. In this day production presentation, eunhui Kim writer is ” zombie movie and history good. If the sorrow of the zombie which I saw and hunger was brought to the Joseon Dynasty, the Ba which I am trying to tell could be well expressed and the planning intention was revealed. Moreover, it thought that expressed one was difficult. The idea that it will get to do with Netflix and can realize with the drama got. It was comfortable and told in the restriction of the expression. The content of the simple Phytophthora blight is not and it is hungry, the greed for the power is realistically embodied in the story than ill these quality price of stocks. The actor and suffering to the staffs hold the expectancy about the percentage of completion of the pole in reverence. The general purport Korean translation of Chinese character was “when there is the story that the work goes well if the actor and staff suffers” and got the injury including ” left ankle fatigue fracture, low temperature burn, and etc. In spite of being the good environment, the drama itself was wild and the spectacle was done. And it was very cold and suffered much all, it was astonished. After that, many equipments were shouldered to the Korean A-frame and 1 hour was climbed and it shot. Seven hours of round trip was run for the scene taken 20 minute unit of measure. The supervisor attempted the snow scene shooting and the big accident almost be faced. About this passion and suffering were expressed. The expectation was amplified to be one ” to give present of the elements which many is interesting to the audiences. The cutting type progressed to the cake materializing the production presentation the end and zombie tomb. The zombie group rushed into the moment stage that the leading roles cut the cake together. The advance notice of the story passing through the Phytophthora blight which is true to nature in the field and consensus of the cosmopolitan is installing the whole world Netflix fans with Rege Seol.
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