The confirmation shot which meets with the Z-POP DREAM and diamond and is pleasant


The Boy group Z-BOYS (- boys) of ‘Z-POP DREAM LIVE IN SEOUL’ (seoul and under ‘Z-POP DREAM’, that is the pop dream live,) project and girl group Z-GIRLS (- girls) met with the senior VAV and diamond. At last 18th, ‘Z-POP DREAM’ opened the confirmation shot shared with VAV and diamond through the formal SNS. The revealed photo heart Z-BOYS and VAV sends up the hand on the shoulder, or the cheerful atmosphere is boasted with the various pauses such as drawing V (V) and, etc there is. Z-GIRLS stared at the camera with the look which it is bright with the diamond and Z-GIRLS was natural, the chisel supported the attention with the center flower beautiful face. While the curiosity which there are the lot of the Z-BOYS and VAV and on meeting of the Z-GIRLS and diamond gets together, the time when these have together can be checked in ‘Z-POP SCHOOL Ato Z’ opened through ‘Z-POP DREAM’ YouTube channel on the coming 22nd. Meantime, as to ‘Z-POP DREAM’, the preparation worldwide idol gathering in seven countries of Asia is the project which the new cultural icon of Z generation becomes through Korean advanced star training. Zenith media content (the representative river is given) “the concert brand which It becomes Asia beginning with ‘Z-POP DREAM’ with one is made and it is trying to develop” revealed. After that, it emphasized “‘Z-POP DREAM’ is the place of the culture content interchange which It becomes Asia with one”. The successively various contents are opened and the Z-BOYS and Z-GIRLS in which it makes the expectation and which is in the debut is spurring the debut preparation with the meeting with the senior idol.
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