‘the private activity becoming serious’… steel Daniels · Geesung Yoon · Chinyeong Bae and fan cafe establishment


The group wanna circle native steel Daniels, Geesung Yoon and Chinyeong Bae opened the formal fan cafe. Like this, the public relations company now company told on 21st that he revealed and this day noon steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon opened the formal fan cafe and it started into the real solo pass. After that, it explained that C9 entertainment, moreover, Chinyeong Bae opened today, (21 days) formal fan cafe. Wanna circle from has been being graduated and the members have been being altogether the mutual understanding with the various means and it looks forward. It appeared in the Mnet ‘the produce 101 season 2’ in 2017 and it debutted as the selection and group wanna circle and the river Daniels and Geesung Yoon got the large-scale love by eleven people of final. The steel Daniels got the qualifier called ‘the nation center’ as the center of wanna circle and made a boast of the popularity putting together the various ages. 1 million followers were achieved at last first formal Instagram after opening 11 hour at 36 minutes and the shortest time 1 million follower Guinness record was made and the mighty ripple force was proved. When being the eldest brother of wanna circle, then it was bright and Geesung Yoon spread the peculiar affirmation energy with the cheerful appeal. The musical ‘that days’ casting decision news of is given recently, whereas the expectancy is collected to notify come 2 month solo activities in advance and show the different appeal. The first single V app channel open is commemorated at 6 o’clock this afternoon and Chinyeong Bae is planning to host the real-time live broadcasting. Meantime, wanna circle in which the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon and Chinyeong Bae belong finished about, in 1, the official activity between 6 months on December, 2018 31 date. Wanna circle holds the last concert in Seoul Kocheok sky-dome from the coming 24th until 27th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743612.htm, 2019/01/21 15:20:48]