The regretful eventuality ‘alhambeura’ and 9.9% end… Jaechung Song writer “one to be studied eagerly”


The Ki the cable channel TvN Saturday drama ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ (the script Jaechung Song direction inside the street Ho) final episode where ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ recorded the high audience rating in the pouring panning of the audience and it left, 21 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea is broadcasted the day before the audience rating 9.9 % (under whole country · charge platform furniture standard)It revealed that rock was done. This is the audience rating which 0.9%P is high than the last time. And it is figure which the itself is the lowest in 0.1%P than 10.0%, that is the audience rating. Eugene mistake (hyun Bin), as to the content that it deletes the game center bug, scene, and etc. suggesting the getting back together of jeonghui week (the Park Shinhye) and Eugene mistake were drawn by the key of the Heaven in ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ ended the day before. In the domestic drama middle, the memory ‘ of the Alhambra dealt the augmented reality (AR) for the first time on a full scale and centered the attention. It succeeded with the story and get excited meterial which there was no in all to raise the expectancy of the opening part audience. The acting of the actors harmonizing with the processing of CG and story shined. However, continuously the sullen words of the audience had been exploding in the development where the persuasive power falls over the time. ‘ nine from Jaechung Song writer writing the script ‘the man of Inhyun Sovereign Lady’: The viewers were met by the original meterial after nine time travel ‘ w (W)’ etcs till this drama. However, ‘the help is insufficient’ had the evaluation in the previous works. It is the place which the eulogy author was realizing the criticism element of the audiences. The eulogy writer the legitimacy drama was by oneself not related from the press conference at last 15th. It is the drama writer but the movie or book is more liked. So, the lacking idea about the Jeom the talk of ‘hybrid’ which was strange and unfamiliar was much done to it seemed to be salty, be “***”. Next, the better appearance was would like to present and said. As to the memory ‘nayeong Lee Jong-suk starring with the subsequent’ romance of the Alhambra, the bonus book ‘ is broadcasted on the coming 26th at 9 p.m.
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