The Yaechin Sohn · Hyun Bin and date photo capture…’The passionate love evidence


‘the passionate love evidence picture’ of the person of the same age actor Hyun Bin (37) and Yaechin Sohn (37) is coming up to every kind of on-line community. Because of being previously 2 people in which the love affair became a subject of discussion once, the reaction of the netizen was hot, the photo of which 2 people are fingered came up to 21 days domestic online community bulletin board to the title called ‘hyun Bin Yaechin Sohn passionate love evidence’. The scene of 2 people which sees Jang with the shopping mall pressing and employing the hat was included in the photo which the netizen uploads. The love affair Hyun Bin and Yaechin Sohn becomes a subject of discussion previously once. The love affair of 2 people started from the writing coming up to one on-line community at last ninth. In the eagle, the content that the parents of Hyun Bin and Yaechin Sohn and Yaechin Sohn had a meal in the ginseng chicken broth specialized shop with the affectionate environment after playing the golf together was contained. All Kkeureot the attention another netizen gives notice there are together “hyun Bin and Yaechin Sohn is in LA” 2 peopleWhen the eagle became a hot issue, then the movie ‘negotiation’ release at the time and stage greeting to were gone and Yaechin Sohn Hyun Bin smelling of the affectionate atmosphere was mentioned and the netizens could be seen like the relationship which is more closer than ” co-worker. It looked very friendlily and the speech was added. However, the agency of 2 people denies altogether the rumor of love at that time.
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