‘are you familiar?’… Where were iTZY (there is) members seen?


In JYP entertainment, the new girl group ‘ITZY (there is)’ member who is the debut schedule 5 people are revealed and the eyes is. JYP entertainment revealed in formal report data “the foreknowledge, rear, Ryuchin, Chaeryeong, and effeminacy belong in the girl group putting out in JYP in 2019 5 group ‘ ITZY (there is) ‘ this” on 21st. Chaeryeong who is not unfamiliar in spite of being among these the man of god and curiosity of the netizen toward the members, including the Ryu battle formation become larger. Chaeryeong appears on the audition program Mnet ‘sikseuttin’ which proceeded in order to select JYP girl group Tteuwaiseu member in 2015. Chaeryeong was unable to get unfortunately in nine people of final at that time and the debut misfired. Moreover, it is the one’s real younger brother of the girl group eyes circle (IZ*ONE) member conspicuous color kite making debut last year. It appears in ‘3 K pop star’ with Chaeyeon who is the sister and Chaeryeong received “the had talent and aptitude is scary” the high praise from Chinyeong Park in 2013. The Ryu battle formation rose to the first place of woman section in broadcasted JTBC ‘the mix court lady’ in 2017 and proved the strong ability and powerful fandom. Moreover, it appeared as the heroine who appeared in the revealed bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel’ teaser video and formed the delicate air current with the second hop and Geemin and rides 1 ‘cutting’. The face is already lit on the foreknowledge, moreover, the broadcasting. It appeared on SBS ‘the Fan’ broadcasting recently and the strong singing ability and performance force was boasted and the existence the foreknowledge was informed to the viewers. The Gasu Boa praised in the broadcasting “if, if it can produce whether I am the someone, or not it would like to foresee” at that time and also the writing the lyrics admired only Kim “it seems to become the fan of the foreknowledge”. The effeminacy which appears in the Mnet ‘the stray kids’ giving birth to JYP new man Idol group stray kids besides these and is short but emits the strong sense of presence and secret arms Lisa whom JYP shows refreshingly belongs in ITZY (there is).
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743626.htm, 2019/01/22 00:00:02]