As to the family in rich family, are you how? ‘three years olds of Oh-ddu-gi’ Yeongee Hahm and family picture opening to the public


When being the eldest daughter of the Oh-ddu-gi president Yeongjun Hahm, then the musical actor Yeongee Hahm reveals the family picture and it is the topic. Yeongee Hahm uploaded the photo taken with the Oh-ddu-gi who is the father president Yeongjun Hahm, husband, and etc. in Instagram at last 20th. This day Yeongee Hahm inserted the article with the photograph “the family picture chopped with the memory in which it gets the dad medal came out” “the dad loves”. Previously, the president Yeongjun Hahm was awarded the Gold Tower Trlelal in ‘the 42 time national productivity contest’ opening at October last year. The industry medal is the medal presenting to Ja which it is public, is clear contributing to the national industry development. The Gold Tower Trlelal is the high ranking medal among five steps of industry medal. The husband of Yeongee Hahm was known as the son of the domestic board of a major company. The famous university is left after the Minjoksagwango graduation and presently, it is going to the company in the Hong kong. Meantime, yeongee Hahm appears on KBS variety program ‘happy Together’ last year and confesses “I knew through the driver that I am holding the stocks of 31.1 billion”.
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