“it refuses to be ordinary”.’Change into the Saba Ha ‘ Park Chungmin and mystery repairman.


The actor Park Chungmin moves forward for ‘the successive generations class’ change in acting style in the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang). ‘the Saba Ha’ is the mystery thriller in which the Mocksa Park (this standing) following the new religious sector gets to install the suspicious character and cases with the bad luck week and which starts. Park Chungmin undertakes Buddha’s disciples role in the current work and it changes into the character who is mysterious. Buddha’s disciples is the repairman common on the quiet town which doesn’t enjoy the companionship of someone with the always expressionless face. Maximize the tension of the development center pole which it cannot predict with the character related to the powerful suspect of the tunnel murder case. All Haet the change which Park Chungmin is special according to the distributor CJ Entertainment till the audio which is low spread for the character which is difficult it guesses the identity with the expressionless face and bleached hair Park Chungmin told on character “there was no word and it was expressionless but the special energy was the colorful costume and hair felt from one unbalanced looks” “the audiences wished to be tense when Buddha’s disciples appeared”. Jaehyun Jang supervision adjusts the level of the minute emotion performance which ” Park Chungmin learns well. It told to be the actor making the text of the scenario truly. ‘the Saba Ha’ is the new work which ‘the black priests’ Jaehyun Jang director offers in 4 years. The actor this standing, this man of talent, Chinyeong Chung, ferryboat Gyu, Idawit, and etc. appear. Open come February 20th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743694.htm, 2019/01/22 14:18:06]