Kim Sook and ‘the elder sister’s family radio’ absence…” with the death of one’s motherBe encouraged.


The cheer toward the condolence for the dead and Kim Sook are connected to the death of one’s mother of the comedian Kim Sook. SBS love FM ‘the elder sister’s family radio’ revealed on 21st, “kim Sook, as to this day and next day ‘ Songeun doesn’t attend as the death of one’s mother at the elder sister’s family radio ‘ schedule of Kim Sook” “the belief line comes forward by the temporary DJ of Kim Sook for two days”. Kim Sook observed the deep sorrow heart families and funeral parlor. One it doesn’t show in which even though the mother doesn’t have good the health so far and which the netizen “be encouraged” (soss****) is active in this kind of sad news Your pain is felt. The sadest farewell may be not in ” (jeen****) ” world to be well this time the mountain air. This feeling that this is unable to see again seems to approach to have a pain more. By all means, it washed out with the good place. The mother who be encouraged, ” (hkj6****) year 20 ago dies would like to see so still. It will be encouraged, ” (dons****) will be so sad but the like and root many man drink to who forget and this chaff is well made. The heavenly bliss of the dead was prayed, the deceased was mourned as ” (css8****) etc. comment and Kim Sook was supported. The funeral parlor formed a puddle was prepared in the Busan Joeun riverside hospital funeral hall. And as to carrying a coffin out of the house, the burial ground is the Yeonglak Park a.m. 7 on 23rd.
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