Many ones stories including ‘the morning yard’ Lim Huisuk, 6·25 refuge · cannabis false charge, and etc.


The difference singer Lim Huisuk revealed the bygones with the debut in 53 and the attention was concentrated. It appeared in one part of tuesday reserved seat of the KBS1 ‘Achimmadang’ broadcasted in the morning on 22nd and tortuous on past talked Lim Huisuk. In this day broadcasting, the year 1,950 was surprised at the cannon sound on June 29th and Lim Huisuk was born. As soon as it went out into the world, it rose to the refuge way and looked back. After that, it fled “the father faced the kidnapping in 6.25” and the Han River was swum and crossed over. The sister that it is Huiyeong was at my stomach and the face has never been seen. There is no photo. It went home due to the sister and the father was taken, “and, it recalled” grandfather and sister hid. It starved to death the sister added. The cannabis wave and on false charge emptied Lim Huisuk. He endured well. The year 6 for was taken a break. It explained in fact that there was no disordered (the cannabis suction), it was one ” which “***” closed “***” eyes then and it caught the feel up to and sang and is misunderstood. In addition, there is no (the occasion snorting the cannabis). It was summarily tied. It felt victimized and was frustrated. The song was liked and the solved time for was waited and it practiced truly much, it tried this way in “***” around families the friend the composer the broadcastig station all. It didn’t want to live. Because it was unable to sing a song, about was later expressed all Meogeot “.
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