The cherry bullet and school uniform model preferred.’ from the debut immediately afterThe floating work remained.


The Idol group cherry bullet (Cherry Bullet) was selected for the school uniform model and the splendid debut was informed before. The cherry bullet agency FNC entertainment revealed in formal report data on 22nd that Liebl rat was selected for the school uniform specialized brand smart school uniform exclusive model recently. In FNC entertainment, over 21st made debut as the girl group which the cherry bullet launches in the year 6. The smart school uniform 2,019 lower part of the belly photo shooting was finished and the cherry bullet is planning to go into the active activity according to the agency as the brand exclusive model such as participating in the various marketing and promotion beginning with the pictorial opening to the public, etc. The potentiality for is gained recognition and the member support and migration plays an active part from the second half of 2017 smart school uniform, that is the debut ago, model. The team name included the meaning that it is the girl group which was loveable and shoots the public mind like the cherry with the charisma which it is energetic with the word uniting the contrasted image that it is the cherry (Cherry) and bullet (Bullet). It is planning to play an active part as the appeal which launches the real activity by the title song ‘Q&A’ of the fresh upbeat sound and in which the energetic coexists it is loveable. Meantime, the cherry bullet revealed the debut single album ‘the Recheu play cherry bullet (Let’s Play Cherry Bullet)’ entire song sound source and title song music video through every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 21st.
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