The Chung Junhoh ♥ under feeling and second news “one which is good and which it raises wisely” (formal)


The actor Chung Junhoh (49) and TV shipbuilding under feeling (40) anchor couple gave 2 newses with ㅇ. As to tV shipbuilding people concerned, why ” this my humble mind anchor was pregnant with the second in the call on 22nd. It was this summer expected childbirth and revealed in 17 weeks of pregnancy. After that, it added to be “the schedule to be appeared continuously on the taste ‘ back appearance on the stage program of the body user manual ‘ wife of ‘ I”. This day Chung Junhoh, moreover, the second which gave the marriage news to the agency and in which our family has been hoping very gratefully from long time ago appeared. It delivered healthily and it will be good and will raise wisely and the impression was revealed. Moreover, it will try more in order to the family will accomplish. The Year of Gold Pig was done and it wished to be much blessed and the thankful mind was delivered. Chung Junhoh under feeling couple turned on the painted candles in 2011. And he held the first son Siuk military in arms on Feburary, 2014.
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