‘the general trend queen’ luxurious and solo debut? …”Next month, in preparation ” with the goal


There is the girl group smallpox nothing member luxurious before the first solo album release. Why the people concerned take care of the smallpox nothing PR revealed in the call “when the luxurious is the album the solo debut among the preparation with the goal next month” on 22nd. After that, the people concerned added “the exact concept is the undecided yet”. Therefore, it debutted as ‘it is not happy’ in 2014 and the first soloes got to make debut in 5 years. The luxurious proves the singing ability and topic of conversation as ‘give’ called with Rokko last year. Meantime, the member solar started with ‘the solar sensibility Part.1’ ahead of the luxurious solo activity in 2015 and the smallpox nothing announced ‘the solar sensibility Part.6’ until last year. And the first solo album ‘magnolia’, that is the door Byeol first the solo album ‘SELFISH’ and Hwi, was put on sale last year.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743684.htm, 2019/01/22 11:08:15]