‘the horse Moi’ ‘witness’ The revolt of the Chak Korean movie


The murder, narcotic, X rated, and villain In the Korean movie, it is the meterials which don’t surely drop out if it says go well. While the detail that it was provocative and is extreme attracted the interest of the audience, It became the content to there shouldn’t be no from the Eonjen edge. However, the atmosphere of the theater district was changed recently. The movies of the warm sensibility made our heart cry are visiting the audience instead of the provocative content. Presently, ‘witness’ back having 2 month unsealings come with ‘the horse Moi’ (the supervision Yoona Eom) which it is doing ahead is the hero of this Chak Korean movie. ‘the horse Moi’ opened according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result on 22nd at last ninth mobilized 82,076 people audiences at last 21st day and ranking 2.306986 million accumulated audience. All Damat the story which ‘the horse Moi’ gathers secretly till the Korean of the whole country and mind so that in 1940’s illiterate number of edition (the harmful battle formation) in which the use of Korean language is prohibited meets the Joseon Language Society representative Jeong Hwan (gaesang Yoon) and it is able to make from the dictionary It is the first directed bies of Yoona Eom director writing ‘taxi driver’ script. The time on characteristic movie called period of Japanese occupation was a bit provocative. ‘the horse Moi’ could be rough but ‘the horse Moi’ was frozen, the director drew at the time looks. openly. It focuses and on the will of the characters who are trying to keep the paternal affection and friendship and native language and the movie vibrates the heart of the audience. While the harmful battle formation draws delicately among these the nap human of the number of edition and looks which He is more and more changed, the degree of concentration of the movie is improved. Gaesang Yoon opens Gaesang Yoon mind to the number of edition. The strong will which it is trying to keep Korean is hinted and the mind of the audience is moved. Like this, the long-term love is gotten and ‘the horse Moi’ offending our feeling by the flow is occupying firmly the first place of box office. The come movie ‘witness’ (the supervision one’s departure from Korea) which February is opened puts the story which gets wider while the lawyer Soonhoh (the Woosung Chung) which has to prove the innocence of the powerful murder suspect meets the girl close friend (hyangki Kim) who is the only witness of the spot of incident and there is. The painting of which the subject matter itself that it is the murder case and legal series is provocative is anticipated but ‘witness’ swerves around this. The problem which the having child has been undergoing the dilemma of the individual individuals and autism is dealt and it concentrates on ‘person’. As to movie, the consistently is and joyful unlike a bit heavy theme. Even, it does to is the smile dropped, even shed the tear and it is more and more exciting by the lines and lines which is realistic in the quiet painting which can be tedious to the drama? It is the movie which cannot frown at the provocative scene. Hereinafter, this man with underdeveloped genital organs had the talk in which the various men can sympathize, the direction intention was explained, saying that it was the director “the movie had mutual understanding in the process where 2 people have the following mind visits the truth”. ‘witness’ opens come February 13th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743677.htm, 2019/01/22 09:51:48]