The Hyun Bin · Yaechin Sohn and love affair ‘and’ denial…”Fabrication


[TF comment news] it is already the second opinion love affair on January. The star of the love affair came and to the actor Hyun Bin and Yaechin Sohn once. However, the love affair was just cut, 2 people denied this time. The netizen is the sense which it is unable to believe. The agency VAST entertainment of Hyun Bin revealed the official position in connection with the Bulgeo battle formation love affair on 21st. Why the representative of agency explained in the call “it gets to know to stay at U.S.A and it contacts and meets with the acquaintances” “because it is 2 man only that face is known, it seems to be like that stabbed by the photo”. Previously, in this day domestic online community bulletin board, the photo of which 2 people are fingered came up to the title called ‘hyun Bin Yaechin Sohn passionate love evidence’. The scene of 2 people which sees Jang with the shopping mall pressing and employing the hat was included in the photo which the netizen uploads. Previously, 2 people are enveloped in the love affair by the giving information of the netizen that it is enjoying the trip at U.S.A together at last ninth. At that time, 2 agencies spurned the love affair of “the accompanied trip is not” 2 people. However, the netizens don’t gather the look of the doubt in no. 2 or the love affair which becomes a subject of discussion. Even if it admits sprucely, “the open love seems to be hateful to do truly” (pjm1****) and “it was like this Jungki Song Hyegyo Song” (youj****) for will be passionately rooted and it will cheer. Are you really not? (chsh****) it denies that unconditionally the, ” is just not. This(seef****) The, “it is not. It is the cool weather in early summer based upon and why Minyoung Park is scolded. “(ssam***) One which the comment of the back runs 2 people ‘it is not’ adhere to the position for the photo evidence which the netizen pushes Eye and ear of the men are concentrated in ‘good looking men and women’ Yaechin Sohn and Hyun Bin’s steps whether it is the friendship whether it is the love.
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