‘the surprising Saturday’ and IU ‘pager’ housekeeping topic.”Can the receptacle be hit?


The song ‘pager’ of IU appearing in the TvN variety program ‘the surprising Saturday’ is the topic last weekend far later. In ‘the surprising Saturday’ broadcasted at last 19th, the commemorative album title song ‘pager’ appeared in 2 round hairtail boiled in soy with spices round of IU in the 10th anniversary. MC Hye Ri is the shop like ” IU Ssi. ‘pager’ Maen day Naon everyone ” the full of confidence attitude was displayed. It greets and the exact housekeeping of the taken section doesn’t have the fuss among ‘pager’ housekeeping. It starts, there is no introduction. It will refuse courteously, the skinship is. The musical scales failed in the first attempt selected the consecutive initial sound as the great strength captain of the Hye Ri while worrying about the chance. After that, it was the appearing series initial sound ‘ㅎㄷ’. This a year reflected this carefully. And then it asserted as “there is no fuss, it is same”. While anyone didn’t react, the second opinion relistening came out. The housekeeping called ‘there is no fuss’ appeared accurately but it came annually and this someone except Narae Park didn’t react. The door Se gloss to was agreed “I got” when Narae Park asked “it went annually and held the fuss and is one which doesn’t listen anyone”. The Hye Ri “it does in any chances.””if the fuss Eop is not, there is no what receptacle” only for this it slurred the end of sentenceIt told. After that, Kim is not available if ” receptacle the time is Ri. K.O foul said and evoked laughter. As to the surprising Saturday ‘, every Saturday afternoon is broadcasted at 7:40.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743652.htm, 2019/01/22 00:00:03]