The Taehyun Roh first solo album ‘biRTHday’ track list opening to the public.’The fresh coolness ‘


The singer Taehyun Roh first solo album ‘biRTHday’ track list was revealed. The Taehyun Roh agency Stark Louis NT opened Taehyun Roh first solo album ‘biRTHday’ track list image to Taehyun Roh formal SNS account on 21st. When ‘biRTHday’ is the mini album of which the total of 4 tunes are collected including the title song ‘I Wanna Know’, the track ‘biRTHday’ No. 1 is the title, then it informs the departure of the album through the drum where ‘biRTHday’ goes to the track for the groove, there is as the integer. The exciting rhythm harmonizing with the Synth Clav, and etc. is the feature. 2 number track ‘I Wanna Know’ is EXO ‘with a snarl’ and tune of the SHINee ‘the dream girl’ back hit song maker Shinhyeok and zoom Bath music group with the album this time title song. The change was given in the playing a variation of the hip-hop rhythm on the Simpeul heartburnings piano Rippeu appeared in the introduction portion and the Eoureo gin everyone.3 number track ‘Love Lock’ the melody of HOOK where there is the toxicity interpreted the typical Funk music which was popular in the rhythm done the punky coming out with the Funk Guitar and Synth Brass in the past along with the vocal of the lyrics which it is the freedom wild and Taehyun Roh well modern. It has opened to the live as the tune for the track ‘by sky’ silver pans No. 4 in the meeting with the fans. It uses and Taehyun Roh shows the housekeeping the mind toward the fan with the tune where there is the melody which harmonizes with the cold season, is lyrical and is beautiful. The agency, on 22nd, “taehyun Roh had been see the looks of the versatile artist including the dance, vocal, and etc. participated in the writing the lyrics from this first solo album in all tunes so far directly and the musical sense was shown” with formal report data 21 days solo album track list on 22nd the highlight medley opening to the public, on 23rd, the music video teaser ballIt had been being successively the comeback schedule and Gae conveyed the sound source opening to the public, and etc. on 24th. Meantime, the media and fan is invited in the Hannam-dong blue Square child market hole on 23rd at 4 p.m. at 8 p.m. and Taehyun Roh holds the solo album showcase.
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