‘FNC was grinded’ The cherry, that is the god, bullet and AOA reputation is connected.


The girl group cherry bullet which it launches refreshingly in FNC entertainment ejecting the majority Idol group including FT island, CNBLUE, AOA, N.Flying, and etc. cuts out the real time searching every day and it puts name and is the topic. The cherry bullet which makes debut and in which It becomes the debut fourth at last 21st now just now The unique team name included the meaning that it is the girl group which shoots the public mind like the cherry with the charisma which it is energetic even when being loveable with the word uniting the contrasted image that it is the cherry (Cherry) and bullet (Bullet). The debut song ‘Q&A’ adds the inversion fascination to the fresh vocalist through the powerful choreographing. The appearance which wonders if it got any kind of question the tune of which was bright and which it is energetic the fresh upbeat sound in the future was disentangled so that there can be the toxicity. The cherry bullet opened the digested music video like the knife and didn’t become the ceaselessly changed choreographing copper wire in the rhythm achieving the toxicity even a day and it achieved 1 million views. FNC entertainment revealed in formal report data on 22nd, the cherry bullet new musical composition music video broke through the agency and wonder k (1theK) channel summation hit 1 million view. In the music video image, the comment of local and foreign fans is published as long as 10,000 Yeo are set up. All Moat the interest in which the same time watches about 70,000 person and which the debut showcase which moreover is broadcasted in V live by the live broadcasing on 21st is high Besides, home and abroad are receiving the spotlight since the debut such as being introduced as ‘K pop man of god expected in 2019’, etc. The cherry bullet was selected for the school uniform specialized brand smart school uniform (the representative Kyongseok Yoon) exclusive model recently. The cherry bullet is planning to start the active activity as the brand exclusive model such as finishing 2,019 lower part of the belly photo shooting of the smart school uniform and participating in the various marketing and promotion beginning with the pictorial opening to the public, etc. Meantime, it has and the cherry bullet leaves the music broadcasting debut stage in the Mnet ‘M countdown’ for the real world of singers activity on 24th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1743738.htm, 2019/01/23 00:00:03]